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Don't buy fish like these...

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It is unlikely that brightly coloured fish would survive in the wild if they were spawned in the natural environment as they would face a much higher risk of predation.

Over the years, I have caught a fair number of largish (pound or more) goldfish when fishing for bluegills. Most likely they were taken to the water to use for bait and either escaped or were dumped when the day's session was over. They would have been released as very small fish (a few grams) on large waters with significant pred populations.

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This sort of thing is sick and I urge all fishkeepers who GIVE a sh1t to boycott fish like these.

The retailers will stop buying them if they're not selling and maybe one day the practice will stop.





Totally agree with you Renrag. I hate hybrids or tribreds or man made fish in most animals....Yuk.

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The natural colour of a goldfish is actually brown / bronze, as is the common carp.


I'd like to track some down for Andy's tank. Little commons were discussed but I think they'd grow too quickly and foul the tank all the time, apart from making a complete mess with their resculpting behaviours, so I thought brown Goldfish would be quite good.


I know they're not 'natural' in the indigenous sense, which does kinda go against the idea behind his tank but they'd certainly be natural-looking coldwater species and they'd probably fit the look of the tank.



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