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Who fishes in Wiltshire?

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Going to Warminster, Hunters Moon, Henfords Marsh for a holiday because it's supposed to be nice and quiet around there and there is a lake on site. Has anyone been there lately for a look or to fish? I'd be gratefull for any news on Hunters Moon please? Cheers and happy fishing to all.


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Went there about 6 years ago, There are some big carp in the lake at the back and loads of smaller fish in the lake nearer the road. Shearwater is not far from there as well. When I was there they did B&B and we had some good evenings in the clubhouse. It used to be owned by Ron 'Chopper ' Harris a famous footballer who played for Chelsea when they were a proper team!!!

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Originally posted by sue:


Regarding the post on giving away the locations of fishing venues, It was interesting to read the views on this. Does that mean I won't get many replies to my post of 6th June about where to fish in Wiltshire? If so and if people don't want to give away these sort of details on the site, why can't you send people like me an email? What do you think? The good side would be that only people who received email answers from their posts would know the venues, the bad side is that you might have unwanted emails being sent to you.




I fish in Wiltshire, and it's quite a big county with loads of venues. I did read you post, and I think it would have been more helpful if you had put the venue about which you were/are enquiring, as the Subject.


I've never heard of the place by the way, and I don't think it's very well-known.


This is allI could find-about it ... Warminster (Wilts). Hunters Moon Lodge, Henford Marsh BA12 9PA has fishing for guests and club members................The perfect choice for your peaceful country holiday, these lodges enjoy settings beside or near to a lake – ideal for nature lovers, walkers and anglers.

The main lodge in the grounds offers you a modern bar and restaurant and an information point where friendly staff will advise you on sightseeing highlights. All local amenities can be found in nearby Warminster, including a train station and swimming pool. Mountain bikes can be hired locally and there is coarse and fly fishing available (at an extra charge) within the grounds. :rolleyes:

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Best fish it on-spec and tell us allabout it afterwards .... or you could e-mail the operators and ask them for some pre-arrival fishing guidance

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Hi Sue, I didn't post on this thread, because I've never fished in Wiltshire, so Hunters Moon Lodge means nothing to me. I will post a useful and reliable fishery-finding link for you, which you might find something out from...




I just spotted that one doesn't feature Wiltshire, nor does John Bailey's 'Where to Fish'. Try




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You meet all kinds of animal on the riverbank.

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Sue, I live on the Somerset/Wilts borders close to Warminster and would be more than happy to advise on places to fish as best I can.

If it's lakes you're after and Hunter's Moon doesn't cut it, you're very close to the following:


Longleat - £5 per day (pay at the gate) and excellent fishing. Park on the bank at the bottom lake. All the lakes are smallish. Bottom lake is thick with respectable carp, bream, perch etc (but the carp and bream get to your worms + maggots quicker than the perch can :) No spinning or livebaiting, so the perch are rarely caught)

Middle lake mostly bigger carp, top lake even bigger carp. The lakes get harder to fish the higher you get. Top lake has serious tackle restrictions.

Shearwater - beautiful spot with plenty of carp, bream, perch. Much bigger than Longleat. Day tickets on the bank.

local rivers - you're spoilt for choice, but the Bristol Avon winds around quite close to Warminster and if you fancy barbel, chub, bream etc for a £5 day ticket I'd be happy to drop you a line with some details. If you fancy going further afield some nice stretches of the Dorset Stour/Hampshire Avon are well within a 60-min drive (do you fancy grayling on the upper Avon?), as are the Brue and the Somerset levels etc etc.


Happy holidays and tight lines



Bleeding heart liberal pinko, with bacon on top.



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Hi Glenn


Thanks for the details of the lakes. I'm really looking forward to my holiday now. Where we fish here in Lincoln is great but I like a challenge and new venues are just that.



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Looks like I really screwed that one up doesn't it? Sorry I should have included everyone's name, but hey, I'm not perfect and have my blonde moments. So to all the following:

Cyranne 12


The Diamond Geezer


Glenn B





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DG - you need to put more wrist action into the thorw when tossing toys out of a pram. Not only go further but make such a nice noise when they hit something.



" My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!" - Harry Truman, 33rd US President

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