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What preparations?

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I thought I'd better get my things ready so I won't be monkeying about Tuesday morning..


My ADHD left me for a few hours as I focused mainly on replacing lure hooks with semi barbless and crimping the barbs on the new lures I didn't think needed replacing.


Replaced old rings where they have rusted near hooks on all my lures.


Cut the end off my lure rod- the base was too long for repeated casting. I don't think it was designed for what I want to use it for. FWIW, you can't even tell I trimmed it up.


Made various size traces. Swivel on one end, snap swivel on the other.


Rigged an anchor with 75 meters of paracord, and rigged front and back anchor trolleys to the prowler.


AND picked up my local yearbook all in time for Tuesday.. Even managed to cut the lawn!


I'm itching to go now! :D



Piscator non solum piscatur.


Yellow Prowler13


Ask me at 75...

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I've spent the afternoon cleaning out my tackle bag, cleaning & reloading my reel and making sure I have everything for tomorrow. Made a load of rigs. Just need to make sure I have some spare batteries for the camera, just in case ;):)


I normally get most of this done when I'm sat with Liam fishing in the 'close' season but as we didn't go then I have finally got around to it today. Better late than never as they say :D


This is better than Christmas, I feel as if I have a wonderful present to unwrap in the morning :D


Good luck to everyone going out.


tight lines



One life, live it, love it, fish it!




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Just finished packing a quick bag of gear up for an after work session tomorrow night, will be aiming to converse with a Mr Boris or two to start the season off, can't wait, 50 yrs old and I still get a buzz from going fishing, long may that buzz continue for everyone


Best of luck for the new season to everyone

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