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Guest waterman1013

URGENT - Do It Now _ Vote for Angling

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Guest 'eelfisher'

Big well done to all who voted. I have just looked in on my computer and obviously missed the stuff yesterday due to long working hours.

I am pleased though that so many people don't work..or were not at work...or didn't work yesterday due to getting involved.

Congratrulations all round.

I feel bad about missing the opportunity to vote yesterday but not as bad as if only a few anglers had been able too.

Sterling work by all.

Am I repeating myself here or what????

If you didn't get the message....read the above again.

'Brothers standing together'....'Brothers acting together'.

That's some message to those out there considering that we were not aware of it all kicking off.

The tee-shirt trophy should be shared and they should be special ones as well. Perhaps they should have 'Anglers-1 Peta-0' on the sleeve.

As they say on the 'Royal Family'.......



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Guest dug6

I seem to remember, after this "vote" someone saying that we should have a database of E mail adresses so that we could combat anti angling polls etc instantly and that perhaps the CA could run it. I've just been to there website [i was going to e mail them to put this to them] and on it they have something called grass e-route, it sounds like the sort of thing that was wanted, anyway I thought i'd try it out so I put in my e mail address. I'll see what happens, if it's not what we want perhaps we could all e mail them and ask for it!

You can find there site at www.bfss.org and click on "grass e-route"

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Guest Elton

I don't think it's any secret that I hold a few thousand email addresses here.


When I fired off a mail to a couple of my databases on Tuesday, it started a chain reaction. A number of emails received back here had come to hear about the vote via the Countryside Alliance. Quite a few people hunt and fish.


The network is already in place - it just needs people to keep their ears to the ground. I'm just one person - one of my databases alone holds the email addresses of over 600 website owners - what do you think the collective audience of that lot is? smile.gif Now, there are a lot of "Elton's" out there...


What we need to do is ensure that those with the money support us, too. The magazines, commercial websites, tackle trade, etc. all have a vested interest to protect our sport. The quicker we get paid representatives, the better, I reckon. People paid to concentrate on the job in hand, and not do things in lunch breaks and days off.


And no, I don't want the job, thanks!!









Anglers' Net

Keeping It Virtual...

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