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Wingham Fish-In 2011 Catch Reports

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Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome and for putting up with me. I say everyone because there are too many to thank. It was so nice to meet you all.


Managed to lose my virginity at Wingham with a nice 2-03 Eel which took a screamer on Dave. Lost 2 fish in weed on the bars. No idea what they were. Both times I only lost the hook.


Really need to improve my accuracy (wind didn't help tbh) as I was struggling to pinpoint each cast and think sometimes I was way off and using a cage meant I started baiting up half the lake in front of me.

Also may have to bite the bullet and succumb to trying boilies and hairs, the paste just couldn't hold on to much more than a gentle lob. Even with a biro spring on. As usual I'll be trying to make my own first. Can't bring myself to buy them just yet...


I've come away from Wingham with a lot of ideas which I hope will make me a better angler in more situations. Really enjoyed myself. Even the Eel was well behaved and seemed pleased to see me :lol:


Thanks again to everyone involved. Part of me is still there...



This Years' Targets:- As many species by lure as possible. Preferably via Kayak. 15lb+ Pike on Lure...

Species Caught 2012- Pike, Perch.

Kayak Launches- Fresh-8 Salt- 0

Kayak Captures- 14 Pike, 1 Perch.


My Website and Blog Fishing Blog, Fishkeeping Information and BF3 Guide.

Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue

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Well I got home late Monday evening and by the time I (well Andrew had kindly) unload my gear I was shattered! Spent all today recovering! I will post my report tomorrow as there are some tales to tell! but needless to say a great few days and nice to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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First of I must apologize for the delay in my report as I got back home from Budgie this morning and be not on the computer since now :rolleyes:


I must say thank you to Steve Burke for allowing me to fish the carp lake as it been a part of my ambition to fish the carp lake since I join up the wingham membership a few years ago - I was offered a chance to fish the carp lake a couple years ago but I turn it down to fish the coarse lake. And also another thank you for helping me to achieve my new personal best carp.


Also I would like to say a special big thanks for Peggy for her wonderful cooking of the BBQ for three days in a row and as always it get better and better everytime when Budgie and I go to Wingham!


I would like to say a thanks you to Glynn and Terry and Sam for a bit of laughs we have and helping me out when I was in a state! :rolleyes:


Well here my event of the weekend :rolleyes::lol:



I arrived at Wingham on Friday afternoon and I wasn't sure where about I was going to fish until we found the list of names and which pegs they were allocated to.


I fish on the carp lake in a peg called Side of Point. I knew something about the peg as I did an working party a few years ago as right in front on to was a bit of shallow of few inches but at least five away from the peg there was a sheer drop of the deeper water. But on the left side of me there was a tree growing partly in the water and gravel which could cause problems. the on the right of where I was standing was a lot tall grass, weeds, reeds, and nettles - it was later cut down on by requested!






My fishing tackle consisted of using 3 x JRC Skyliner with 2.75lb Test curve armed with the Shimano 8010 Baitrunners with 50lb Spiderwire Stealth Braid. On one of the rod was going to be using a pva bags with halibut pellets in different size from 2mm to 8mm. The other two rods was going to be a simple set up with an 2.5oz pear weight with a korda hooklenght and Fox armma ssp hooks size six. My Hookbait were pineapple boilie in the 20mm


I ask Glynn for an advice for where I should be placing the hook baits! - 1) the left rod should be right under the tree or near to it if possible and the 2)other two should be looking tightly against the reed bed on the other side of the water




Well I went slightly off with his advice from Glynn (sorry mate) as I did fancy placing all three hookbait against the far side of the water as there was at least 6 little "bays" area which look tempting to catch a carp.



(The orange circles are where I placed the hook baits)


So on the first cast minus the pva bag that cast toward the first little bay but fell really short and I kept casting again and again until I felt in was right in the place. So I line clip the mark on where I want it to be on the next cast. The weight I was using was an 2.5oz Inline Bait Delivery Bombs made by Anchor Tackle. I first using them many years ago and kept them. I didn't put a pva bag on it for some reason - don't ask why not! But did place an small stringer of boilies below or on the hook point. So I cast again and it landed where I wanted it to be because of the line clip. The rod went into the rod pod and I unclip the line from the clip and also apply the captive backlead to it.


This was also repeated in the other two rods but the weight was an inline flat pear and again same method of hooking and stringers. After that I placed quite a few boilies around the hookbait and also along the line of the reeds and in the other two hookbaits as well.


Then I settled down for the evening and night but was kept pestering by my older brother (Budgie) every few minutes to either take an photograph of an eel that he caught, an plastic bag to weigh the eel and also an pva string, and the final straw was asking for some batteries for his headtorch - In another words he have forgotten to bring quite a few numbers of things with him - typical eel angler! :rolleyes:


Anyway again settle down and in a space of a few seconds - all hell broke loose. My left rod went - I scramble to the rod and strike but I knew straight away was into problems the mainline have gone onto the branch on the tree as the fish taken the bait but speeding down the left side of the left and I tried to maintain pressure against hit. I called Budgie for a bit of help. I kept the pressure on and still felt the line grating on the tree branch. I heard it as it was up in the surface and it was "time" for me to go into the water and try to rescue the fish which was still there but unable to go anyway - in a rush without thinking that already taken the jogging pants off and the socks off as well but I entered in the shallow water to start off but just remembered about two things - 1) I had some large blisters on the back of my leg which is very sore (cellulitis) and 2) was still wearing my hearing aids which will be disaster if any water get into the hearing aids


I ask my brother to go in as I explain my reasons and he didn't seem to mind at all since went into the water on the coarse lake a couple weeks ago! But to do it on the carp lake? (it seems going for the all time record of getting dunking at Wingham or want to be with his feathery friends! quack quack) :lol:


So he waded out into the water and I told him there was quite a deep ledge into the deeper water - he still see the fish was still on and he finally manage to net it for me - which I am really grateful for him even if he did pestering me earlier! :hug:


While Budgie was still in the water he ask me to grab the camera to take some shots of him in the water to add the fun on the forum which I did but I was really concern of budgie and also the carp - because - 1) He my bother and the health isn't that good and 2) it was going to be a possibility of a new personal best carp for me didn't want the carp to be anymore of the stress as it was!.








Once the carp was out of the water it was quickly weighed and He said that I have broken my old personal best carp which be standing around for 7 years at 18lb 6 ozs and the new personal best weighed in at 21lb 6 ozs (my first ever Twenty :yahoo: ) and a few photos of me holding it. The I took my prize back to the water and nurse it back to recover until it strongly to go into the deeper water. Then I lean back against the bank and shouted a little yelp of "yes" as it was another ambition to break the first twenty and another personal best from Wingham


(At the time of posting - that I am still waiting for my brother to send me the picture as my camera started having problem - so the picture of me holding my first twenty are on his camera! When I get the picture I will post it on here.)


After the event of what had happen - that I couldn't stop worrying about my brother and and kept making sure if he was alright all through the night and even told me to stop worrying, so I went back to the bivvy and even didn't bother to cast out the left rod, then went back to the bivvy - then must have fallen asleep.


It wasn't until nearly dawn that I fell asleep - and did woke up to start the day winding in all three rods and started to preparing for the guests and anglers to come down for the weekend fishing. I didn't mind doing it as it my gesture to help newcomers to the water. Budgie and I transferred tackles and bivvies to the chosen swims and we even pointed out on what to do in theirs chosen swims.


I do also apologize for me fallen asleep at the BBQ on the first day from due from the night before as I was really tired and when I got back to the bivvy on Saturday afternoon - i managed to cast all three rod/hookbait in different areas, then climb into the bedchair and fell asleep!


The rest of the session was very quiet despite I seen some quite a few fish moving around the in area of my swim but tried in vain by changing the methods but it wasn't to be! Maybe next time!

Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional



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Bloody hell! No wonder it took the carp two days to come back on the feed! :D

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Great report Andrew and a smashing fish. Well done on the new PB :thumbs:



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No wonder the eels were flying out of the carp lake, they must've been scared out by Budgie !



"If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving isn't for you"

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