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Waters Closed - Foot & Mouth

Guest Elton

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Guest Elton

From Bob Westgate, Wroxham Angling:


All facilites controlled by Wroxham Angling club On Waters at Rackheath, Great Melton, Mill Farm Hempnall,and the club Boat facility on the Broads area.


Barningham Fisheries Holt Norfolk

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Guest ryan t

Do the restrictions count for the whole river

or is it just farmland access that is closed?

What's the deal with village and town centre stretches of the rivers?

Cheers, Ryan

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Guest Roger Baker


Due to the potential seriousness of this outbreak, and in respect of the farm landowners who allow us access to the river,

Blackwater Lodge has ceased using all of its fisheries until further notice.

This conforms with the request as set out in the Press Release from the Irish Department of the Marine (see below).


Whilst we sincerely hope that this situation will not last for any great length of time, we will not be taking any fishing bookings for the month of March until further notice.

Bookings from April on will be taken as normal, with the guarantee that for any cancellation due to this outbreak - deposits will be refunded in full.


It is a shame, because the signs are of a good spring run, and the river is in superb order.

Any anglers with any queries are welcome to contact Ian Powell at the Lodge for further information.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Daily updated Fishing Report Page on http://indigo.ie/~bwlodge/fisreport.htm

for all the latest information on the outbreak, the river & fishing conditions.


Prime weeks are already well booked - many already last year by our regular guests.

See on our Availability page on http://indigo.ie/~bwlodge/availability.htm


Best Regards & here’s hoping for better news in the very near future.

Ian Powell

Proprietor - Blackwater Lodge

Website: http://indigo.ie/~bwlodge



Press Release from Frank Fahey -

Irish Minister for the Marine and Natural Resources

Dublin, 28 February, 2001

For Immediate Release.

Fahey urges anglers to stop fishing.

State fisheries closed to head off Foot & Mouth Disease risk to farm animals.


Frank Fahey TD, Minister for the Marine and Natural Resources has called on all anglers not to go fishing at this time as part of the drive to prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease to this country.

The Minister said "that all sections of the community must play their part to counter the spread of FMD, anglers are in a particular position to help, in view of their contact with and use of farmland to access rivers and lakes". In light of the current situation the Minister has issued the following advice:

- All anglers should refrain from fishing at this time.

- No fishing permits will be issued in respect of state fisheries until further notice.

- Private fishery owners should not operate their fisheries for the moment.

- Tourism angling promoters should encourage visiting anglers to postpone their angling trips for the immediate future.

- All angling competitions should be cancelled for the moment.

- Fisheries boards will cease stocking and transfer of fish in freshwater until further notice.


The Minister said "I realise that some anglers, in particular tourist anglers, may be disappointed at not being able to go fishing but the overall good is best served at this time by everybody in the angling community, both domestic and overseas, co-operating and playing their part".

The Minister has also called on all angling clubs and organisations to encourage their members to refrain from angling at this time and to co-operate with the Fisheries Boards to avoid any risk to our livestock resource.

The Minister said that he will keep the overall situation under review in conjunction with his colleague the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

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Guest Elton

From C. Bailey:


all of South West Water lakes have now been closed down for angling. I spoke to them today and was told that they will be reviewing the situation next Tuesday.

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Guest Elton

From Trevor Pollard:


I passed Oakhanger Pools (commercial fishery near M6 jcn 16) this morning. There are signs saying they are closed until further notice.

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Guest big tinca

Dont mean to use language like this but this foot and mouth is really starting to p$$s me off. how long wiil it take so we can go fishing again.


Big Tinca.

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Guest Steve Burke
Originally posted by big tinca:

Dont mean to use language like this but this  foot and mouth is really starting to p$$s me off. how long wiil it take so we can go fishing again.


Big Tinca.


It may be **** you off but I bet it's **** the farmers off even more! Some of them have built up herds over generations.


Then there's the knock on effect on businesses and jobs in such areas as animal feeds and transport to mention just two. This will mean a lot of people are going to be bankrupt, on the dole, or when they are in tied cottages, homeless!


Spare a thought too for fishery owners, especially those who rely on day tickets, plus of course the angling trade - more job losses here at a time when many are barely surviving anyway.


For most of us anglers it's only like an enforced closed season. For fishery owners like me it's a financial blow, but compared to many others it's just a set back rather than curtains.


IMO, it's much better to take short, sharp action rather than duck the issue and prolong the agony.





Wingham Fisheries


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