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Hello there. Im wondering the way I would do a Simple dead bait ledger pike rig would be with a 3oz lead weight. But i've seen in many angling books people just use 3 or 4 swannies, but with a 3oz lead you can tell if the rig is too shallow, as the lead totally buries the float and you would then adjust the depth. But with 3 or 4 swan shot they are not heavy enough to sink the big pike float so how would I tell if my rig is too shallow. Many thanks Dan.

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Use the smallest float that conditions and casting distance allow. A 1in dia polyball would be sufficient for a lot of situations.


Put a large lead on instead of the trace, set the depth so its slightly over depth Then add the number of swan shot needed to cock the float (remove the lead). Cast out and tighten down to the float.

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