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The six page limit, baaaaaa, the CA continued!

Peter Waller

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Oh well, the tribulations of being a computer ludite coupled with being a piker!!


P.S. Leon, the mullet is a crafty fish. They inhabit my local Broad and run to very big fish. But I have beaten 'me, regretfully as a callow youth with a spear-gun, but of recent years with a humble piece of floating bread. You see, even pikers have brains!


[ 12. April 2005, 08:46 AM: Message edited by: Peter Waller ]

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Dear Peter,


I've drafted 20 new threads should the Tories win the next election.


And constructed a tin shelter should they not.


If the lib/dems win I'm off to live in America.


Well thats another post onwards towards the edge.





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The first few pages were going somewhere after that it is just the same old stuff from you and Peter with Graham chirping in with his usual style :) .


It should have been left to vanish into the realms of time so if the tories win you could bring it back to rub it in Peters face and if they don't he could do the same to you :D


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Dear Mark,




Peter is dreadfully wrong about the Countryside Alliance. And I'm absolutely right about the sterling organisation. Graham probably gets unauthorised access to the computer in the cuckoo nest's office.


BUT; having said that, all but the dourest of angling politicians can appreciate the humour and sheer determined doggedness for airing our opposing views when we get together on certain threads.


Someone told me the other day we reminded him of Jerry Springer on the internet!! Geriatrics more like!


Trust me though Mark, if labour win the election I'm NEVER going to hear the last of it from Peter Waller. But in the off chance that the Tories win, I of course will behave in a gentlemanly manner befitting a country gentleman.



Yea. And he’s got more chance of being bitten by a daffodil!!!






[ 13. April 2005, 08:22 PM: Message edited by: trent.barbeler ]

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Peter Waller:

Do I get a hint of resignation from Lee about Labour winning?

To quote the Tories' advertising campaign slogan:

'Are you thinking what we're thinking?'


I hope not.

This is a signature, there are many signatures like it but this one is mine

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