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Steve Townson

Great Amazon Fishing Trips in January

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We have two great weeks on offer in January. These are both hand-picked for the best fishing in the Amazon Basin.

Each trip is way different to eachother.


1st week 11-19 January

http://www.amazon-angler.com/#/amazon-rain...orer/4548844665 a fantastic week fishing in an indian reserve on a fast clearwater river with waterfalls, cascades, fast stretches and deep pools, filled to the brim with aggressive hard-fighting predators. This trip is for all fly, lure and bait anglers, fishing for multi species including Highland Peacock Bass, Bicuda, Traiarao, Pescada, Giant Black Piranha and a multitude of Catfish that grow to over 600lbs!





2nd week 21-28 January

http://www.amazon-angler.com/#/cabaceiras-...camp/4548840860 a great week aboard our 'new for 2012' floating air conditioned barge on a blackwater tributary of the Rio Negro watershed, with lagoons, slow stretches and deep holes for Giant Peacock Bass, Arawana, Piranha and big Catfish.





Anyone interested, please email me.


Steve Townson The Fish Finder



Steve Townson - 'The Fish Finder'



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