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Is fishing, just about catching fish?

Guest big tinca

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Guest Steve Burke
Originally posted by bart4real:

What I object to is the hypocracy and patronising attitudes of certain specimen anglers who dictate ethics and methods as though their capture of a specimen fish was based upon expertise and ability. If the truth be known, that fish could have been caught by anyone, but as the fishing rights are limited to a select few, then the opportunity never arose. Basically, if a fish is caught by an angler who is a member of a syndicate on a water which restricts fishing to a small percentage of anglers, then unless it was available for every angler to fish for it, then it should not count as a record. It is bad enough that this situation arises but to have the cheek to pose in a magazine or newspaper with that fish, just demonstrates the hypocracy of the captor. It would be interesting to hear what justification there is for limiting the fishing rights to select few


A record fish can of course be caught by luck. But then a novice golfer can get a hole in one. However, a novice golfer is extremely unlikely to break the course record. Likewise, it takes a skilful and usually experienced angler to catch specimen fish consistently.


It's a fact that most specimen fish don't come from private waters. Instead they come from day ticket or club waters that are open to anyone.


I have in the past fished some "private" waters. These are just waters where the fishing is not rented out. All it takes is a polite approach to the farmer. So anyone can fish most of these waters. Such venues offer peace and quiet, but the standard of fishing is as variable as any public water. Catching fish from them is usually harder than ticket waters as location can be very difficult. Additionally, whereas the fish aren't so tackle shy, they are very angler shy indeed - so you've got to be very quiet and unobtrusive.


Turning to syndicates, I run two at my gravel pits at Wingham. The only difference between my waters and those run by many angling clubs is that I manage the waters myself rather than have a committee of members doing so. Most clubs have to cater for their members as a whole, and so such waters all too often don't reach their full potential for growing specimens as most of the members want to bag up.


My syndicates are not private - they are open to anyone who cares about the fish and the environment. In fact, several members of this Forum are Wingham members too. However, like some clubs I limit the membership to avoid overfishing.


Why not come and fish at Wingham yourself, Bart? Each year I have a free Open Weekend for Forum members. Further details are on the 9lb tench thread.



Wingham Fisheries


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Guest Simon Newbould
Originally posted by Graham E:

I agree with you in general Simon....but isn't it wonderful when Joe Bloggs pops down to his local river, puts some maggots on the hook, dangles it and catches a record.

Is't that one aspect that makes fishing great?

It could be you.........


[This message has been edited by Graham E (edited 12 June 2001).]


Hi Graham,


Yep, I entirely agree.


The point I was trying to make was that it's not just a case of being in the right place at the right time - the guy's that consistently catch the better fish work very hard at it.....


Yeah, ok....I concede there is (or can be) an element of luck involved and it's that element of chance that keeps us fishing I guess....



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