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Rudyard Bream

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Hi RoachLover welcome to Anglers Net.


Last I heard they were running a project up there Wild About Fishing and had banned barbed hooks, and were considering other restrictions. Best thing to get a good handle on Bream fishing is to do a search in this sites search engine, as it was a major topic just a short while ago or look at the links at the bottom of this post. Me I would not rule out sweetcorn.

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It's a long time since I fished Rudyard, maybe 25 years, but open end swimfeeders, quivertips or swingtips and maggot or casters in the groundbait used to do the trick. You could catch plenty of skimmers on the pole or waggler too. No idea what it's like now, but if it still has plenty of shoal bream the same old same old should still work.

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Like Steve I'm a bit out of touch. However you wont go far wrong with a feeder, casting approx 30-40m. Beware though its a very rocky bottom with in places a very well defined drop off that is a natural tackle trap. A lot of anglers on the strike stand up with the rod held high to get fish over it.


The lake tends to fish better in different areas depending on the time of year. The matchmen move their matches up and down to try and keep up with this fish movement. At a guess and it is a guess I'd try around peg 70.

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