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Steve Townson

Amazon report weeks 24 Sept - 8 Oct

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I just returned from the Amazon with two weeks on two completely different rivers, the Rio Araca on the Northen side of the Negro and the Rio Caures on the Southern side.

Week one on the Araca found us in rising water due to constant heavy rains in the headwaters. Most of our group caught some big fish with 18lbs being the largest Peacock and a couple of 50 and 60lb Piraiba Cats caught in the evening. We ran the camp down river to the Negro to get away from the rising levels and downwards onto the Caures.

The Caures was another story with low conditions and fish busting baitfish everywhere. Lots of good sized fish caught with the largest at 22lb and quite a few 20s and 21s also caught. Many high teeners also added to the total of about 2,000 Peacocks for 7 anglers in 6 1/2 days. A few Redtail Cats also caught with the biggest at about 65lbs only.

In total we must have travelled and fished over 800 miles of river. A good bunch of guys and many new friends made.

Steve Townson











Steve Townson - 'The Fish Finder'



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