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Lower Itchen fishery - Fish-in ??

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Hey guys, what I want to come away from this is a good day seeing you lot :D and a grayling - be it a tiddler or a whopper I don't mind :)


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Yes Darrell I've got the winter coarse ticket Oct to Feb. Something like £140 seems great value for the terrific sport.


I would ask Lyndsey before you arrive to use the top beat, particularly seeing as you have 20 people going. Normally they only sell 5 days tickets per day. The top beat has been the most lightly fished, as it is reservered for season ticket holders, and not surprisingly is also producing the most and best fish. The most I've seen 5 people fishing the top beat but that included 1 fly fisherman poaching and two lost, cough, day ticket anglers. Most time a couple of us or even just me. Don't you jusy hate the solitude :D


I'd also try and speak with Jon the riverkeeper sometime during the day, he'll give up to date info on whats been going on. Also I'd ask him if 'some' of you can stay slightly later to have a go for the Barbel and Chub in the Hatchpool area. Jon let me do this the weekend before last and I had 3 Chub and stopped counting the Trout after number 15, did n't manage a Boris though.


They are starting some maintenance work on the access road this week, which is planned to finish before you guys arrive, but probably worth confirming, because if it is not open, then you should get them to divert you via the country park, which will save a very long walk.


I might be down there on Sunday afternoon, if so I'll let you know any other info. In the meanwhile if anyone wants to know anymore info let me know.




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Thanks for the info Bryan. I'll contact Lyndsey and see what she says. I was intersted in the Barbel reference as I've heard several people talk of Barbel in the Itchen but never met one that actually caught any.( I've only been in these parts for three years ) Are they there in decent numbers ? Do people on LIF specifically target them ?

I'm starting to really look forward to this !! :D

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Gobio the photos from last Autumns AN trip to the Test are still in my camera so its no good asking me!I took my old Nikon and despite not feeling to good made the effort to take a few shots but as is the age old problem with celluloid! My mate Darral took his digital thing and I was able to post the pictures took on this as soon as he brought it round.Ive really got to move with the times! :D

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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il be bringing my digital with me,plenty of pics!


darrell, barbel sounds intresting,i think i will be targetting the chub and if i can the grayling on the tip,dont own a match rod :rolleyes:

i am a definet too as is matt(i think!)

tho i might try trotting loafers with my avon top?


LondonBikers.Com....Suzuki SV1000S K3 Rider and Predator Crazy Angler!

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"i might try trotting loafers with my avon top?"


What its made for Russ.Im really looking forward to it.Certainly plenty of variety.Might even be able to beat my PB chub.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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Im really looking forward to it.Certainly plenty of variety.

You are not the only one! I ave been waiting for this since Darrell Start this thread :):D:D

Growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional



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