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Lower Itchen fishery - Fish-in ??

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Yes I will confirm my place :D:D , please send me pm off your address and I will get you a deposit, or the full amount to you. Whatever you prefer :):):D


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Hi guys, No need to worry about the deposit, I'll pay them £50 and the first 9 that arrive can pay me a fiver and the Fishery £12. After the first 9 just pay the fishery £17.

I don't think they need a deposit from each person, just something to know that we'll turn up.

I'll bring along a trotting rod, a pike rod, and a ledger set up so if anyone fancies a go trotting with a pin etc, then no problem.

Be nice if people got to try new methods.

Any body have any questions, need help with directions etc, then please fire away.


Anybody else fancy this ? Theres still room for more. a Wallis casting demo maybe ? - Alan ???


Good place to put that 'pin through it's paces.. Elton ?...Leon...?....?

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darrel ill pay on the day if that alright mate,

definetly coming(as long as mat is :D )


matt i got the tatics sorted if you want to catch grayling mate ill mail ya soon fella

i think i would like a go on the pin darrel i do like trotting.ill be bringing a match rod(gotta buy one!) for trotting, my avon/quiver for chub and carp and i might just might sneak a pike rod into my quiver.oh argyll andrew youll be intrested in this one,in that article he mentions a lrge pike trying to take an estimated 3lb plus grayling!

not the first one hes ahd trouble with,so may be a good idea :D


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