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Some Sad News

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Deepest condolences from me, too - I was fortunate enough to meet Jan when she and Newt came to the 2006 Wingham fish-in. Very sad news.

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Have not used A/N for some time and heard the sad news via another site.Never met Jan or Newt,however i did converse with her via the other site and by pm's and she very kindly did me a favour some years ago.

RIP Jan.

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Like all the other forum members I am stunned and saddened at the news of your loss my thoughts are with you

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Such sad news.


I was fortunate enough to have met Jan at Wingham in 2006 when her and Newt came over, a lovely lady. Budgie and Myself were fortunate to see her again a year later when we had a fishing holiday in North Carolina with them. A holiday that we will never forget.



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The way I remember her.




Thanks for that photo Leon. I didn't have one of her with her first pike. Seeing that smile again really helps.

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I'd just like to extend my sympathies to you Newt can,t be an easy time for you right now so I wish you all the best for the future and whatever it holds for you. After taking the decision to enjoy life and see more of your country with Jan it must feel like you've been robbed of your retirement plans


Good wish's for the future and deepest condolences to you

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Jan Vail - you were one of a kind. One of the kindest people to have graced this planet. Those of us who knew you are better for having known you, but feel that that a big part of us has been taken away. You may have left this world, but you'll never leave our hearts. Rest in peace, Jan.



Don't come in here a lot, fond memories of laughs with Jan, sorry for your loss Newt.

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Lovely to see the picture of Jan,still cannot believe the news ,but glad Newt is drawing some comfort from all our messages at this devastating time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

Afraid to say Jan will be with good company with Mr Wiggly for photography and Alan for well laughs and discussions! and other good Anglers Net friends we have lost x



AKA Nurse Jugsy ( especially for newt)

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I have been away for a few days and I have only just read the news and I am completely overwhelmed by it. All I can do is offer Sue and my deepest condolences to Newt and our thoughts are with you at this time.



Tony and Sue

Edited by Tony U



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