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Guest The Tangler



What the hell was you thinging or was you thinking at all when you put you last post above.

As had been allready said we some great guys from over the pond post on here and have grown close to a few.


I have been talking to Alan F while he has tried to phone Todd (MPT IN VA ) and we are all worried about him and others.


As far as you are conserned I think Davek said it all, just make sure it's one way.




Fishing in Kent and the south east.


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Guest Gray-Catchpole

please all stop it right now, there are more important thing on all our minds.


kerry has been physically sick and is totally in a state of shock, she cant understand what has happend, and all she can think of is what the retaliation, is going to be, and what that will eventually lead to, as i said she is not well at all, i dont think ive ever seen her like this, she never panicks.



Website: http://catchpole.cjb.net




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Guest happychef

alan,sorry if i've offended you mate i never mean't to,all i can do is apologise and just say that i do feel for those people who lost their lives to these co called human beings,i also agree these people are the scum of the earth and should be hunted down and executed in public,so once again i'm sorry for what i said,i should have put a bit of thought into it before i opened my gob,i will also apologise to anyone else i've upset and hope that this is the end of my uncalled for reply.


keep on catchin',





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my apologies to you & kerry & my thoughts go out to you at this time but you know how hot headed i can get at times.


I have finally got through to Todd (1hr of trying) before that all i got was "the circuits are busy"


According to Todd the asians in his town are cheering in the streets , now that is stupid & i think when the initial shock has passed then hell will come to the US in the form of retalliation attacks etc, this will be (in my opinion) the straw that breaks the camels back, the americans are still recovering from the bombing at the federal building in oklahoma.


Tony (happychef) Thankyou for your apologie I too apologise to you for my posting, at a time like this i don't honestly believe any of us are thinking straight


TROGG (Alan)


my sites here


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Guest Alan Stubbs

As I drove home tonight, The Bredhurst Bell is flying the Stars & Stripes loud and proud.


As worried and distressed as I am for all of our friends in the USA, I keep asking myself about the ritual retaliation about to descend upon the likely suspects as it surely will if history repeats itself. In the past, it has been swift and brutal.


I don't fancy a night out in either Gaza or uptown Kabul in the foreseeable future.


I'm a peaceable bloke, but right now I don't know whether I'm shocked or bloody angry.




ANMC Founder Member

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