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meatballs as bait........

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Yes.... both the Swedish meatballs - then liberally doused with turmeric, and also I've tried tinned meatballs in tomato sauce.


The meatballs in turmeric were OK, but I got hammered by small carp of around 3lbs, the meatballs in tomato were useless... I had taken it as food for me on a session. The fish obviously thought the same about them as I did.

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thats why i asked alan, i tried the meatballs in onion gravy as i never fancied them myself, alas neither did the fish :rolleyes: a few 3lb carp would be nice at this time of year each water i try seems dead no movement no action

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I use them regularly - the ones in gravy, I hair rig them, a twig rather than a boilie stop ensures they survive the cast.....


had my biggest barbel, and chub on these Jonah

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I caught my pb barbel, 14lb 2oz, on a Campbells meatball, tinned. You can get small spirel wires things in the tackle shop for meat. They are great, just tie them onto to a hair and screw your meat/meatball on and they won't come off.


Great bait.



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i never had any look of meatballs either. and trying to get them to survive the cast was well hard....

try freezing them and drill them boilie style

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If you guy's fancy some nice tough meatballs and don't mind quite a big bait, check out the chilld food counter in Aldi where they're sold as Mini Friedekind or something that looks vaguley like that.

I often keep a pack in the fridge because with some pasta and a jar of dolmio, they make for a quick and tasty meal - which is more than can be said for the nasty tinned version.

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