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Two Tone gets fatter

Peter M

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It always worries me when I see these "us and them" divisions creeping into this forum. Whether you're a carp angler, session man, predator hunter or whatever, we are all anglers. Personally, if I had the chance I would do a bit of everything, and whatever the water holds I would be dreaming of landing the biggest fish possible. Needless to say that rarely happens, but dreaming of it is what makes you keep going back again and again. There's many who would say that's pretty sad, but what do they know!!

As no man is born an artist, so no man is born an angler. Izaac Walton

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I think I've made this point before, but hey-ho.


'A two-grand pole, just to catch tiddlers - how sad is that?'


'Chucking a fly about all day - how sad's that?'


'Using a live fish as bait - sad or what?'


'You mean you actually want to catch bream? How sad are you?'


'You only fish with traditional tackle? Saddo!'


'Bivvies, bite alarms and bolt-rigs? They're for sad people, not anglers'.


And so it goes on...and on.


To me, the saddest thing of all is anglers putting down their fellows for no other reason than they choose their own way of enjoying this great pastime of ours. Note the 'ours'.


Just for the record (did you see what I did there? )the anglers fishing for Two-Tone enjoy tremendous fellowship, a great mix of challenge and reward, plus the ever-present chance of catching the biggest fish in the country.


If you really can't see why a carper would find Conningbrook an enjoyable place to fish, then, with the greatest respect, I'd say a few mind-broadening exercises wouldn't go amiss.


All the best.


[ 20. September 2005, 09:06 PM: Message edited by: Wordbender ]

And on the eighth day God created carp fishing...and he saw that it was pukka.

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Don't worry jason, having different opinions, styles, methods etc is what makes the forum a forum. Whatever I or anyone else have to say about fat old carp isn't going to change a thing I actually fished for them once this year and I have to say that it was a bit of fun in some good AN company. I wouldnt make a habit of it though. The carp I mean..not the company :)


[ 20. September 2005, 09:17 PM: Message edited by: argyll ]

'I've got a mind like a steel wassitsname'

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I'm with Peter M on this one. It is a great achievement to catch ANY fish in that kind of water. If I tried I would fail miserabely. Guaranteed! I read that there's only 30 carp in there (20 acre lake). Definately not easy.


The point I think Peter M is making is that the whole "OH MY GOD THE BIGGEST EVER CARP HAS BEEN CAUGHT!!!" attitude from the weekly mags is a bit over the top.


Obviously it IS a great achievement to catch it BUT it's been caught before and it will be caught again. We know it's there. We know it's huge. Whether it's a put a few pounds or lost a few pounds is down to luck, isn't it?


It's a bit like climbing Everest. It's an incredible achievment for anyone who does it but......... they will always be in the shadow of Hillary and Tenzing.

The best time to fish is when you have a chance.

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I would love to have the dedication, bottle and dam right stubborness to fish for a record carp but i dont(i like having the rod bent to much), i do however have a great deal of admiration for those that are dedicated (mad) enough to want to put themselves through the mill for an absolute lump of a fish be it a huge carp, pike, perch, cat or whatever.


Now wether its a known fish or not should not take away anything from the person who caught it tbh its an amazing capture (fish of a lifetime perhaps? i would say so, if i caught it) and i for one congratulate the angler whole heartedly as i would any angler who caught a huge fish.


Envious? you bet i am, but i am also a realist that i am not dedicated enought for that kinda fishing be it carp, pike or whatever the lump that lights your fire.

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Argyll sums it up perfectly. BTW you missed nowt by not going back.


Carp fishing? Admire the skill & dedication of some Carp anglers but they are let down by those described by Argyl. Unfortunately its this type that i encounter most. As for giving any fish a name, come on guys its just childish. Can't understand for the life of me why people want to catch a keep net full of identical pasties but each to their own.


BTW How much did the bloody thing weigh this time?

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Peter M:

 Anyone else think that this one fish putting on blubber is really nothing special, ...

Of course it's nothing special, and the huge hullabalooo in the Angling Press is just daft. It will get fatter and it will get caught occasionally. So what?


Peter M:

 ... and anglers actually targeting this fish are just a little sad?

Only if they're after some so-called 'glory' for catching this particular fish instead of the others in the lake. If they catch Two-Tone it'll be by chance. This ain't like breaking the world record for 1500m.

Bleeding heart liberal pinko, with bacon on top.



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