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Dave H


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Hi all.

A month a go i set up a group on 'Facebook' . i have been running a falconry group now with over 4,000 members and over 6,000 photos and video's and thought i would start an Angling one.

Basically it's in the main a photographs group were you can display your photographs and have small discussions mainly on rigs , baits etc.


'Budgie Burgess 'i have made 'Administrator' of the group due to his huge wealth of knowledge and already he has put some photo's up of some giant Eels and Catfish plus methods used.

It is also a 'closed' group. This meaning that you just request to join and Budgie will accept you as it just sorts out idiots or anti's getting in. Once accepted knowbody can post on there who is 'NOT' a member so your posts can't be commented on by the outside public this again stops idiots and such like outside the group commenting.


Many of you know 'Budgie' and he seems more than happy to do it. Already we have fish from all over the world as that is the aim to join up with anglers all over the globe.


It's fun and very very interesting and if you are on Facebook come and apply and if you are not its easy to set up an account don't bother with all the other stuff and you can join.


Give it a go anyway its only been going a few weeks but already we have 66 members.


Secondly you can advertise any of your old fishing equipment for sale or any Retailer can use facebook to advertise. I make no money and therefor charge nothing to do so.


Some of you know i am a Falconer and just to give you a taster this is what i am trying to acheave with the Anglers this group was set up 1 year a go


It has iver 6,000 photo's so if you like Birds of prey and/or photography you are wecome to join that too.

here is the falconry one




And this is the Anglers one which is what Budgie is in charge off




Give it a go. If not for anything else the Photographs you can display on there and see others which are stunning


Any questions about it please ask i will fill you in.




Dave/ Budgie


PS. I will have no or little to play in the group just put a few photo's up it will be in the whole run by budgie on the European side of this and Mark Reindel on the American sides of things.

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