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craig mason

unusual pond fish

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I have two golden / two blue, & they did separate after a short while once they had settled in.


It's a funny thing really, they don't seem to bother with each other the older & bigger they get, except when it comes to spawning, but if they are together then it's like to like as far as colour is concerned.


If you want fish to shoal together, you may need to ensure that the fish you buy are all from the same spawning.


I can say that is accurate with Minnows so may well apply to Orfe.



The loose lines gone..STRIKE.

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yep, same here I have two shoals of orfe


one golden and one blue, you never see them mixed, apart from feeding time, and then they are always the first into the melee.


The first time in the season they have maggots or casters they seem to go absolutely barmy too. They literally fly over one another and throw water all over the place. they are really nice to keep and watch, but are quite plain . .


I have never seen pink orfe on sale up here . . but guess they will all live together . .


1st year they were abot 3/4 - 1 inch long

2nd year about 6 inches

3rd year about 8 inches but started to fill out . .


now that's some growing compared to tench and the like !!

hey waddaya know I can spell tomato !

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