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Favourite angling books

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The Float - Keith Harwood

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Guest Chris Perch
I can see there's far more angling literature out there than I originally thought. Thanks, guys.


My all time favourite passage comes from Angler's Angles, a Book co-authored by John Burrett and Alan Pearson.


In the chapter called "Angles on Happiness", the author (I forget which one) writes about meeting and befriending an older angler on the bank. Whilst taking a drink together later, he realises that this old man is probably the happiest person he has ever met (he had sold up, bought a caravan by the river and withdrawn from the world at large) and asks him if there is anything at all that troubles him.


"Well" says the man, "the chub here like Canadian cheddar, which I don't care for, but I can't afford both sorts so I have to eat what they do. It's a great pity"


There's a lesson here for all of us.


Lol Im glad I dont have to eat what the carp In my local pond like and what would he do if those chub would eat nothing but slugs :D

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I just found this tonight...


Jon Aston - The Glorious Uncertainty


Hopefully due to be published later this year.


If it's anything like A Dream of Jewelled Fishes, then it will be well worth a read.





Good spot Janet!



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I've tried to pre-order it, but having some PC problems tonight....


No prices showing on the website, but I'm not too concerned...I'll be happy to pay full list price for this if it's anywhere near the quality of the last one.


He really is a lovely guy and his writing speaks for itself...he really has a passion for angling and a lovely way with words.



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On the subject of angling books. I Just wanted to point you all in the direction of a new shop which has opened up near me. It's called the Fisherman's Emorium and I spotted it while out scouting some lakes last weekend. Just popped in to see what it was all about and was gobsmacked by the number of fishing books/paintings and cased fish on sale. This guy has been collecting for years and has now decided to go into business buying and selling anything fishing related.


If there's a rare book your after or a signed copy of your favourite book I strongly suggest you give him a call on 01386 861 336 ( I think his name is John but could be wrong sorry) . I came out of there with a signed copy of Chris Turnbull's A time for Tench which I am thoroughly enjoying at the moment.






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Guest Chris Perch

John wilsons catch series a great set of books for the Beginer or experienced angler been using them for reference for years.

I have a mint signed set in my book case and another set for reference that I intend to pass on to my nephew in a few years

I have learnt loads from them.

Also matt hayes coarse fishing another reference type book that any angler can learn something from.

Also like the successfull angling series.

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how I came to know fish by ota pavel



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