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What scares you when night fishing?

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All of my largest barbel have come in the first few hours of darkness and there is something magical about sitting behind the rods with two starlights waving around above me. Then one of them swings lower than the other and the fight is on. I love it. Roll on summer.



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I have been discussing what scares us when doing nights with my mate. All sorts of silly things came up including: Ghosts ghost , people, satan demon , rabbits, panthers,lions, tigers, gypsys, murderers :mad: , thieves, tramps alsorts!


However none of these bother me, what does it for me is ........................ RATS!


I am terrified of them! It has affected my 25 years of Carping, it really has. I would love to fish certain waters and fish under my brolly for ease of moving onto fish but i cant, i have to completeley block any gap in my bivvy, i zip up completeley at night, again affecting my fishing. I go to france a couple of times a year but the first thing i ask is "have ya got rats?" If they have I dont go there!(Not that they would tell me when they have!)Bizzareley enough Coypu dont bother me whatso ever!

I always have a radio on at night so i cant here the evil creatures outside and if i do i up and leave doesnt matter what time it is!


If i get a run in the night i rattle the bivvy first and then run out stomping and shouting! Bad or what? My dad thinks it goes back to a time when he was pulling an old chicken coup down on our small holding (I was 7) and there was a nest underneath, they scattred and one run up my leg squeeling, i was hysterical and never recovered from my fear.


I need a shrink! It never stops me going though, i just endure the terror of darkness every night! And as I said i choose venues wiseley, not easy as most have RATS! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!


Anyone else share a fear of rats?


Rats i bloody hate them! :(

the only thing that scared me to death ,was one night i heard someone in the trees ,and it was pouring down,and at the other side of the wood were i was fishing was a old folks home,isaid whos there now reply ,then he.s stood in front of me in a dressing gownand nothing else ,the lot was hanging out,i **** myself,icalled the police .but its something iwill never forgetand all ended up allright

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When I night fish I am generally on my own and have been spooked by my own imagination, myself snoring (woke myself up and thought WTF was that noise) a noisy slug in my spod mix, deer, foxes and the moon casting odd shadows at stupid aclock but last year was spooked by a strange light.

I night fished a peg in the autumn that I had never night fished before.

Once it got dark every now and then I saw a light flash in an area I know to be a thicket of dense woodland and brambles.

I somehow had it in my head that someone was trying to get through the thicket, possibly a poacher.

After over an hour of seeing the light suddenly go on and off I wound in and took a walk (very very slowly as my senses were off the scale) with a very heavy LED mag light as back up.

As I creeped closer I soon noticed a car come along a road in the distance and its headlights just caught the something in the thicket casusing the strange flash.

Once the car had passed my LED maglight soon picked up the object, an inside out foil crisp packet caught up in the brambles!!!



Different floats for different folks!


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I even get freaked out at dusk sometimes. My biggest fear is my own imagination I think. There is even a lake I don't like fishing at daytime because it freaks me out, can't explain why though. Odd.

Started coarse fishing February last year, species so far:


Roach, Rudd, Bream, Tench, Perch, Carp, Gudgeon, Eel, Crucian and a Goldfish.

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yes november the n.e.c. got mine have you?????? :mad: :mad:


Yeah Rats too.

Me and a friend, a few years ago, were helping a farmer out as we were staying on his land for a couple of weeks doing some building work for him. We were staying in an old caravan next to a grain barn.

Anyway, middle of the night, 2ish. We both heard noises coming from the barn. We both grabbed got up, me mate grabbed a shovel and torch, I picked up the 12 bore.

We entered the barn, pitch black. Sphincter factor of 8/10. My mate switched on the torch and all you could see across the barn floor were dozen of very small bright eyes (Rats) The barn floor was covered in corn and dust.

As I shot at one that was about 10ft in front of me, due to the force of the shot, combined with the slippy corn covered floor, my feet flew forwards and up in the air, I land flat on my back totally knocking the wind out of me. Quickly followed by a heavy splat of the dead Rat landing on my chest!!

Since this day I can say with no embarrassement that I'm scared of em, and I hate the evil looking blighters!!

There's more to fishing than catching fish

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Not sure if I have mentioned this before but, I watched Dawn of the dead, the remake, about 2weeks before for I went fishing a few years back and the scene where the zombie come out of the water springs to mind when I am playing a fish at night. Real head F**K.


Also keeps thinking, I wonder if there is a croc in the lake I am fishing??





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It was the fish i tell you, they were talking to me !!!
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