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What scares you when night fishing?

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well not alot really....

rats...LOVE EM!

seriossly i am quite comfertable sitting in my chair,sleeping init when i need to, summer and autum,and more often than not on my own too,i dont really get buzzed out by strange nioses etc...to concentrated on the fishing!the only thing that did freak me out a little was three swans abreast coming up river at about 2 in the morning it looked very very eiree....almost ghost like.


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What scares me when night fishing?


People I don't know walking over to talk to me. Having been the victim of a mugging in 2003, I still get very twitchy when strangers approach me.

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while fishing?

not nice...i always have a bankstick to hand...you never know...sorry to hear about that mate.

Not whilst fishing, fortunately. But I was setting up a few month's later when I met some of the area's 'finest'juveniles who tried to help themselves to some of my kit. I hit the biggest of them (who was still a fair bit smaller than me!) and the others ran off. Needless to say I packed up and went home without having wet a line.


I was having a few problems with life at the time and had lost a true sense of proportion. To this day, I don't know if I was OTT or not.

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