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What scares you when night fishing?

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One night I was leaving a water with a head torch on and had just reached the car park with is surronded by woods.

As I looked up I saw two pairs of red eyes in some trees at different heights.

They looked like them Jowa things from the Star wars films.

Then another pair appeared, and another, and another.

Whatever way I turned my head there were eyes.

I soon realised it was a big heard of munkjack deer.

The first two pairs off eyes did come as a bit of a shock though!!!!!!!!



Different floats for different folks!


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A friend of mine was fishing with me and a couple fo others a few years ago, and we were befriended by a family of swans - presenting us with twigs in return for being hand fed boilies. Steve woke with a start and a heavy weight on his chest....


A male swan, its head about a foot away from Steve's and bearing gifts!

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Picture the scene,Its three weeks before the National on the Military Canal and lots of anglers have traveled down to the Kent for a practice match.

Its a still morning mist rising off the cannal and the anglers are walking along the bank to their pegs.

Then a "ROOOAR" from the bushes on the far bank half the anglers drop their tackle and are of back to their cars.

Along with what they are going to catch baits etc they should have been told that the far bank is the perimiter of Port Lymne wild life park and it is quite usual for the Lions to start the day with a good roar.

Rats are nothing compared to Lions Tigers and Wolfs.

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Nothing bothers me too much at night but during the day WASPS. I hate the bastards, usually run off screaming like a little girl. Nothing else bothers me really, spiders, snakes, crawlies - just things that fly and buzz (apart from flies of course!)

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Sounds like I am the only bib girlie afraid of rats then!? I knew i would be! I do get a bit twitchy when people start walking around the lakes in the dead of night, when i run the fishery i lived on site. One of my rules was strictly no guests after dark, but every night a car would come up the drive at 11, 12, at night, even later sometimes. "I have come to see my mate" Dont thinks so pal! I would then go and see the angler to listen to his excuses. I have banned people for it. Just worries me the fact that people can turn up so late and start walking around my lakes, i wouldnt have it.

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twochay - if you have a picture you fancy for your avatar, email it to me and I'll size it and put it in the avatar section so you can use it.

Thanks newt, i will do that.
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Guys, for me it would be Snakes back home! Here in europe, I have not found it to be a problem. The rats are a problem if you are on the ground sleeping! Bedchair and placing your bait in containers and also keep your area clean will help. On the chance that someone or thing comes up on me while I am out, it is a chance they take! Warsp and bees are normal hazords of the summer and a wave off will do on most occaisions, but a number have died as well. Mosquitos, gnats and flies meet the same response.




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