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Facebook. Like it or loathe it?

Facebook Poll.  

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  1. 1. Do you like facebook?

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Guest redfin2

When the thing was floated and the shares took a dive it was a good feeling, It i soooooo boring with comments from people who think someone somewhere care about their dull lives, however it seems you can say anything without being gagged, which is nice :P

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I voted "Like it" as I spend almost as much time on it as Elton :)


I find it good for keeping up to speed with what is going on in the fishy world :) and those that I class as my friends.. cheaper than a phone call ;)



"Skate Anglers Have Bigger Tackle"

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loathe it.

working in a school i see the rough edges and harsh realities of it on an almost daily basis.

cyber bullying; stupid children putting themselves at risk; even stupider adults posting comments that put their jobs at risk (and i have seen people lose their jobs here for such!!); even an exemplar account created to educate the pupils consisting of a 14 year old girl who within a day had 6 friend requests from males ranging from 18 to 43 years of age, none of whom could know her because she doesnt actually exist!!

for me its a pandoras box! its a sad case of giving people the power they desire without the learning and understanding to wield that power responsibly and safely!

i accept if used sensibly and wisely then it can be a good system and can unite people etc but i think the security on the site needs to be re-thought and facebook themselves need to police it far more proactively.

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