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Tank Glass question

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stands are a ball breaker as are custom hoods - try to find a local manufacturer or glaziers with experience of tanks --- theres always ebaggage or aquarist classifieds for a secondhand one


if you have transport its only bout 90 mins down to here


if i do go for a new tank, which at those prices sounds more reasonable then ill go for that and stay away from second hand as the current tank was second hand. peace of mind and all that :)


its good ive built my own stand and later down the line ill be making a hood too so its really just the glass tank im needing. ill probably get the exact same dimensions so everything fits, including the current hood, lighting and top and bottom trim. the way my stand is built the glass bottom doesnt sit on the stand but the actual trim around the tanks edge.

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Andy, I'll have a look at it but I'm sure it just needs a run of silicone.



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