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Green film algae

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i dont often clean the back of the fish tank, just sides and front.


ive now got a very very slow growing green film algae dotted about it. i quite like it as it adds a little something more to the tank kinda fits in with what im doing with the tank and isnt unsightly. my piece of wood has got a nice green streak of it too.


i guess the algae has grown enough that the roach and rudd have noticed it. it started today with one of the rudd picking at the algae and 1 after the other each roach and rudd started picking at it after seeing the first one :D


i quite like the idea of controlling a nice spread of it on the back of the tank and its been about 2-3 months since i last gave it a wipe so its so slow growing that its not out of control.


i dont foresee it causing problems for the fish or the tank, its keeping them active. does anyone know any differently ?

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Fish won't mind a bit of algae on the surfaces, only fishkeepers!

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Little bit of algae never did any harm and roach are partial to silkweed etc. If it it fits the look of the tank and doesn't get out of control, I don't see a problem.



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