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The Glorious Uncertainty by John Aston

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Does Janet still pop in here? I know she enjoyed A Dream of Jewelled Fishes - think she even fished with John on the Ribble (IIRC).



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I did indeed fish with Janet on the Ribble as a guest of Martin James. I'm glad people are enjoying my rantings - if anybody wants a copy signing just send me a pm


I've already a much-read copy of 'Jewelled Fishes' and on the strength of that book would happily buy a copy of 'The Glorious Uncertainty'; are you able to sign / ship out directly, or does it need to go through Medlar and then out to you?

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I'm another who enjoyed A Dream of Jewelled Fishes, so this one is going on my 'to buy' list right now. Just make sure you buy the right one, and not the autobiography of Jenny Pitman :doh:

John S

Quanti Canicula Ille In Fenestra


Species caught in 2017 Common Ash, Hawthorn, Hazel, Scots Pine, White Willow.

Species caught in 2016: Alder, Blackthorn, Common Ash, Crab Apple, Left Earlobe, Pedunculate Oak, Rock Whitebeam, Scots Pine, Smooth-leaved Elm, Swan, Wayfaring tree.

Species caught in 2015: Ash, Bird Cherry, Black-Headed Gull, Common Hazel, Common Whitebeam, Elder, Field Maple, Gorse, Puma, Sessile Oak, White Willow.

Species caught in 2014: Big Angry Man's Ear, Blackthorn, Common Ash, Common Whitebeam, Downy Birch, European Beech, European Holly, Hawthorn, Hazel, Scots Pine, Wych Elm.
Species caught in 2013: Beech, Elder, Hawthorn, Oak, Right Earlobe, Scots Pine.

Species caught in 2012: Ash, Aspen, Beech, Big Nasty Stinging Nettle, Birch, Copper Beech, Grey Willow, Holly, Hazel, Oak, Wasp Nest (that was a really bad day), White Poplar.
Species caught in 2011: Blackthorn, Crab Apple, Elder, Fir, Hawthorn, Horse Chestnut, Oak, Passing Dog, Rowan, Sycamore, Willow.
Species caught in 2010: Ash, Beech, Birch, Elder, Elm, Gorse, Mullberry, Oak, Poplar, Rowan, Sloe, Willow, Yew.

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