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seriously - what will be the first and last name of the new baby?

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In the states i think they love our royalty more than we do. Many brits see them as a burden on the country as in the economy as they get everything more or less for free. We are about the size of Oregon so that maybe puts it in our counties size . Others think they bring in more income by tourists etc than they suck out and some are just anti royalty and want a republic.

I guess as a historian the monarchy has big roots in our history and it should stay regardless but that's me as i have studied history to quite a high level and i like to think it's who we are...


You wont get serious names on here as i think we get sick and tired of all the hype and crap as in media coverage and to many it's just a BABY!


I know that many americans see it as a princess in fairy tales as they did with Diana and i think well i know that many americans would love this type of royalty in their country but sadly your history is very limited. Its a shame we gave you freedom ( :g: ) or today you could have been a colony .


But in seriousness which goes in general against my grain but being part american i will side with you for a moment i think maybe James. An interesting one has popped up and that's spencer after his surname.


Unless you want to talk about NFL then that's your lot mate .....Kidding but it has stayed with me as i played it and love it to this day

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Dales,   OK by me - - - - - - where we're headed ain't worth a damn. We could then "blame" you for both the rise and the fall of the colonies.   Personally, I'm going with ArthoUr. Well, maybe




Well obviously - you don't know what you have. The American press is packed full of "possibilities". We are, for the most part, hanging in wait. It was the major topic of conversation in both bridge with the blue rinse ladies and at coffee with the fishermen.


Do you suppose Chesters1 would like to know HE was born a couple day ago??


A quick peek at WIKI (I know, not in depth) """"Royal tourism remains the biggest component of tourist spending in the UK, with 2009 expenditures totalling £21,881,000,000, according to VisitBritain.The national statistical agency also estimates that there were 126,006,000,000 trips made in 2009."""" MOSTLY FROM THE COLONIES !!


I guess, by and large, you are ungratefull slobs.



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A estimates that there were 126,006,000,000 trips made in 2009."""" MOSTLY FROM THE COLONIES !!


B I guess, by and large, you are ungratefull slobs.

A Does that include Virginia ?


B True, one of my favourite animals is the ferret. You feed it a nice piece of meat. It eats it, cleans its chops, then gives your finger a good bite to show it does not have to be grateful to anybody. Very British



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...only things like fresh bait and cold beer...

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I think kleinboet might be on to something with GEORGE, maybe when he grows up and is head of the armed forces he could give those yanky colonists a good thrashing for disrespecting King George III. Soon have them cap in hand begging for us to take them back and drink our tea.



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Nah, it's got to be Wayne.


Prince Wayne Windsor.


It's got a ring to it, don't you think?

Angling is more than just catching fish, if it wasn't it would just be called 'catching'......... John

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