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Pole Advice!

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Hi people,


Looking for some advice on which pole to buy. I've not fished for about 4 years and the last pole I had was a Shimano Nexave AX 12.5??, in my memory this was a decent pole but I imagine the tech has come along way since.


Anyway, my budget is £150-200 and it will be mainly used for canal fishing but with the occasional commercial outing so I need the choice to be able to go heavier if needs be. Basically an all-rounder type.


The only thing I've seen so far is the Diawa XR1 which goes for around £170ish.


Are there any other poles around that price worth looking at?

I've been checking Ebay / gumtree for the last month but I'm not too keen on buying an old pole in case it breaks and I cant replace parts etc


Thanks in advance

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http://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/store/fishing-gear/poles-whips have a look on here few good ones and with reasonable price range


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