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Heather Isle Arbroath Scotland

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Just joined and found this section so I thought I would advertise my mates Boat the Heather Isle in Arbroath Scotland.


Their website is http://www.arbroathangling.co.uk I like it so much its in my tag/sig! :P


I'll try and grab some info from their site for you...




There is a variety of sea angling venues on the Angus coast, a mixture of cliffs, pebble and sandy beaches and of course off shore boat fishing from the ancient fishing port of Arbroath is the most popular, the most famous (or infamous) mark is the Bell Rock that lies some 10nm out to sea and was the cause of many wrecks. The Heather Isle angling charter boat operates from Arbroath to provide a variety of trips lasting from a few hours to a whole day. Popular cliff angling marks between Arbroath and Montrose include Mariners Grave, Needle’s Eye, Whiting Ness, Steeple Rock, Usan and Boddin. Cold weather brings the cod inshore and is preferred by regular cod anglers who on occasions enjoy excellent catches. Target species include cod, Mackerel, haddock. Other less predictable species that haunt the coastline include sea bass and salmon. As well as angling we offer pot trips where you can try your luck at landing Crab & Lobster to take home.

Heather Isle departs from Arbroath the gateway to the North Sea. Then we steam to the stretch of water outside Arbroath, which has a good record for catches. Rods and reels are supplied on all fishing charters or if you wish to bring along any of your own fishing equipment please do. Heather Isle has a spacious deck area and you can relax and enjoy beautiful views of the town where a gorgeous sweep of scenery unfolds.

There is a great variety of sea life and wildlife living in and around the small rocky inlets and shore. If you see any thing that interests you on the excursion, please ask to stop so we can have a closer look, at any time throughout the day.


M.V Heather Isle is a very stable 30ft (9.4m) vessel licensed and insured to carry 12 passengers plus Crew. The skippers and crew have extensive knowledge of the east coast waters and over 40 Years experience in commercial boat work. Skipper John has over 40 years experience, also most of the crew are also part of the local RNLI Lifeboat station, of which skipper Keith is 2nd Coxswain. All safety equipment is clearly marked onboard. The vessel is safety certified every year. All children under 14 years of age wishing to join a charter must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for the child while onboard the vessel. As the weather can be very variable all decisions to vary or terminate a charter must be respected. All charters onboard Heather Isle depart subject to the sea conditions, as safety always comes first.





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