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Duff 'pixel' on New TFT LCD Monitor

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My son's just bought himself a new PC set up from an online store.

Turned it on and there is what looks like 1x duff pixel about 1cm down from the top right of the screen that shows as a pink/red dot.

Phoned the supplier at the first chance and they did seem to bat an eylid saying that unless it had 4+ duff pixels then it wasn't considered a 'Fault' and they wouldn't replace it.

They said this was the general excepted 'policy' from all manafactuers of such screens and if i went to the citizen advice place i would be told the same!

Sounds like this could be a common fault or are they just trying to shift a load of duff screens?


This is the first TFT LCD monitor we have owned, has any one else heard of this problem on new or near new screens before.

My son payed with a debit card so might not get the help a Visa card may offer if there is a case to answer.


One thing i thought of was if 'they' don't class it as 'faulty' then may be he could exchange it for a different model? Although the monitor was a set piece in that package.


Thanks in advance.


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Personally .. I'd bang it back at them.


It is not fit for the purpose that was intended.


If you bought a new car and it broke down would you accept "it's not considered a fault "????


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It seems the manufacturing process has not got much better in the last 5 years and 4 duff pixels (none closer to the other than 5mm) is the general allowance most manufacturers give.

Generally they only show when viewing a black or white background so are not that noticeable. As far as I know the 4 pixel before exchange is common to all notebooks and flat screens and will remain so until 100% success in manufacture is common.

If the ‘odd dead’ pixel rule did not exist flat screens would cost about 5x as much because the ‘yield’ of 100% screens is so low.

Check the manufacturers website for more info.

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TFT pixel fail rate falls into a few categorys



My first dell laptop i brought had some dead pixels and was able to fix then by poking the pixel with your fingernail, use a cloth if your worried about screen damage.

This may or may not fix the problem.


I have brought 3 other tft screens from different companys since and none of them had any problems at all.


iirc samsung have a 0 pixel fail rate policy

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Thanks for the replies and info, gratefully received and taken note of.

If we had bought it locally we would of taken it back to the show room and loadly protested, probably on a busy Saturday afternoon in front of loads of prospective customers , but as it came by mail order and they were saying it wasn't a 'fault' we decided to keep the screen as it is for the following reasons:

as the company was saying it wasn't a fault then if we got them to agree to exchange it then we would probably have to pay the P&P to send the first screen back and for another screen to be sent out to us?

As the company are saying that up to four duff pixels isn't a fault then my son may have got another screen with more than one duff pixel and in a more noticable area i.e. middle of screen, so he's keeping the first screen.


Prior to coming to this decision we talked with Trading Standards and it seems to be a bit of a grey area ( as mentioned in the above links)and when asking if we had right to complain we got a mixed answer a bit like 'Vicky Pollard' = Yer But, No But,Yer but! :)

First they said as my son had bought the PC over the web it was classed as a 'Remote sale' ( or similar description)and as such people are entitled to a 7 days 'cooling off' period because this will be the first time you have actually seen the produce for real. However i then told them my son had choosen the the spec he wanted put in the PC ,'Aah' they said , that now makes it a personalised item and the 7 day cooling off does not apply!

They also said sales of goods act says goods should be 'free from minor defects' , which brings us back to who decides whether 1-4 duff pixels are a defect /fault or not?


So the lession we have learnt from this is as far as anyone thinking of buying a TFT LCD Monitor would seem to be double check each companys policy re 'duff pixels' and possibly only buy from a local dealer ( easier to return a faulty item face to face) after checking out thier stores policy on this.


Thanks again for the replies. :)


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Use a Lure Instead !! ;)

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trading standards are correct, the same works with Fishing Tackle, i have people come in to the shop having bought something mail order or from ebay that has developed a fault, they bring it back to be as they have been in touch with the makers and they say that it needs to go back throught a "dealer" but as i never sold themn the product in the first place then i am not liable for its return or repair as it has to go back to the point of purchase thats who you have a contract with ( i could tell you a story about me and PC world but i wont)the sale of goods act is a little complex as well as the "not fit for the purpose off" however myself i would have stuck fast and threatened to take it further as i am sure thier advertising does ont include any wording saying anything about 1 or 4 pixels, you could try the makers direct but your contract is not with them, but they may be willing to help.

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i dont know any company who would replace a monitor for one duff pixel., and the certainly would describe a monitor with one duff pixel as 'faulty' for the simple reason it isnt....

i've got one on my laptop and unless the screen is completely black it is invisible. most websites selling laptops or tft monitors will have somewhere a page with detials of their returns policy on montiors with dead pixels

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