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Wrasse and Hardback crabs

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Going to try for some wrasse later on, and have collected some hardback crabs for bait.


Problem is, they look a little big (about 8 cm across the shell), and I was wondering:


- Do you hook them on live?

- How do you hook them on?!!


Any other tips for wrasse appreciated (all catch and release before I am asked)





B.A.S.S. member

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well i usually use ragworm but since u have hardback crabs all u do is cut them in half (if the big ones) and tie them on ure hook with bait elastic

dont be too dissapointed when you dont catch a fish after its not called catching its called fishing! :D

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Crack the back open, to expose the innards, break the legs off (but keep them) and bind the body to the hook with clear bait elastic.

The legs can be bound round the shank of a hook with elastic.

Small limpets make good wrasse baits too btw. Try to keep as much of the soft body bound to the hooks as possible. Once the foot becomes tough and leathery, take it off and put a fresh limpet on.



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Guest conger tamer

Bung them on whole big wrasse will mince a large hardback in seconds! just hook it upside down through the back and pull the point clear of the underside that way the crab will wriggle like hell to try and right its self, wrasse love em like this but dont be fooled and let it have too long as they can eat a large crab VERY QUICKLY! :D

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I use the ones the size of a fifty pence. They can be collected by the bucket load from the side of Elizabeth Castle. Use a Mustad Ultra Point 2/0 and hook them through a leg socket and out the back. That way they wriggle for ages. if you hold them on their back then they are quiet until the hook goes in then the claws go mad.

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