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Matthew, many rivers are not open to boats of any kind, and long may it continue to be so. There are hundreds and hundreds of miles of river and canal open to boats and canoes without them taking over the rest.


Its been discussed before, nothing has changed. Go to:-


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As far as I'm aware acess by any form of boats on a river, is only allowed if the said river is a "Navigation". There will be a defined limit ie for the River Severn it is Poll Quay. Even then any acess must be either a public foot path or other public point.


If a river is not a navigation or above the defined limit the permission of the riparian owner/s must be requested before putting a boat on the river. If permission is not granted or asked for then it is trespass The law allows that the owner can demand the trespassers to leave by the shortest route to a road.

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I am sorry FACT, I don't mean to be rude but this has got to be one of the worst press releases I have ever read. If you are reading this, please in future concentrate on giving us the gist of the story in the first paragraph, using the formula 'Who', 'What', 'Why', 'When' and 'Where', with perhaps two, three or four subsequent short paragraphs providing further detail. Quotes should be at the end to support the point that the press release is looking to make and to introduce your spokespeople.


The good press officer wants to save a journalist the effort of re-writing the story for them. If we can get a nice lazy journalist to copy and paste our press release in for us word for word and stick their name on it, then we can be content that have done our job very well.


If the point that this press release was trying to make, is that anglers recognise that they have to share water with other users then we should be realistic and recognise that on public land, we don't have any choice. What I would think we can do though, is to try and encourage other river users to respect our presence and where canoes and so on are hired out, to get the hire companies to encourage their customers to do the same. An intelligently conducted media campaign could achieve this I would think.


It's not much of a problem on the rivers I fish here in Sussex where I am mainly on private land. On the one occaision where it was a potential problem, I suggested that the guy could ask the landowner for permission and pointed out the big house at the end of the drive and he disappeared. The canoeists were a right pain in the butt when I was fishing on the Haute Loire in the summer. In the end, I just took the first canoe coming through as my cue to pack up for the morning and go off and find some breakfast, so they just became a further incentive to make sure I got up early enough to make sure I could get a good session in.

Edited by Bill Eborn
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Dear All,


Must agree with Bill in that the press release is very badly written and denotes very little information.


Come on FACT, lets have a bit more information?


FACT? Foundation for Art and Creative Technology. FACT? Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies. FACT? The Food Allergy Cellular Test


Or are all the above in trouble regarding FACT; The Federation Against Copyright Theft?





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Personally, I think, that if FACT wishes to speak on behalf of all anglers, that they make themselves aware of the FACTS! Such as when the consultation between canoists and anglers on the Waveney took place, it soom became abundantly clear that anglers were totally opposed to an invasion of their rivers by canoists.


Bill, spot on.

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Spot-on, Bill. That press release was clearly the result of someone saying: "For God's sake, we have to be SEEN to be doing something - anything - so let's get summat out; it doesn't matter what, just make a noise to show people we are still around ... like the Salmon & Trout Association and all the ruddy rest..."


In Theatre circles (Mwah! Darling!) there is a taboo on mentioning or quoting from the 'Scots play' - Shakespeare's Macbeth (it's considered bad luck to do so) - but I feel that there is one speech by the Macbeth character (about life) that pertains to many a modern press-release, from whatever source - the "player upon on the stage", "struts and frets", "full of sound of fury, signifying NOTHING" speech.


Always best to remain silent if you have nothing of substance to say...

Edited by Paul Boote

"What did you expect to see out of a Torquay hotel bedroom window? Sydney Opera House perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically...?"


Basil Fawlty to the old bat, guest from hell, Mrs Richards.

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Very apt, Paul.


I think that it is important that FACT is seen to be alive and actively kicking. Had they not muttered a few words on this subject then we would not have been aware of their 'helpful' imput/impact on this subject.


But, for heavens sakes, if this is an example of FACT working for anglers then I am not impressed and I would suggest that they go back to the drawing board.


FACT must embrace the very broad church that constitutes our wonderful sport. Selling river anglers down their very own waterway is hardly helpful.

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At least 15 years ago, I was fishing in the Armchair swim on the Dane. The Trent amd Mersey canal is less tha 50 yards away at this point. All of a sudden a pack of canoeists charged through the undergrowth and barged right through my swim. This went on for over 30 minutes. It turned out that it was a race using the canal and the river as the course. It was the first time I heard the phrase "tough **** mate" so I guess nowadays there would be even less sympathy from the canoeists.


Would the EA make sure that canoeists have licences? Whats the position on this. Boats have to be registered so what about canoes and such?

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