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Hardy Or Greys 'factory' Shop In Alnwick


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Guest Brumagem Phil

Bargain of the century in my opinion is their 7 foot stalking rod for 45 quid (fosters of brum).....gets comments off people wherever I go! In fact, i've recommended it soooo many times to people, I should get a discount on a second one from the company (but i'm to shy to ask!! LOL).


I use it for EVERYTHING......I use it with a shimano GTE 8000 B and one reel is loaded with braid for lure fishing for pike and the other reel with mono for carp and barbel. Ive caught river rarp, lake carp, barbel and pike on this rod and I just burst out laughing everytime I catch a big fish with it, such is the pleasure I get from playing fish on it!!!!


Their guarantee too is awesome..........broke mine less than a fortnight after buying it and they replaced the broken section (without even asking how i'd broken it) free of charge.


A LOT of UK companies could learn heaps about customer satisfaction from Greys IMO!!!!




{2008 Editor's Note: to view Greys tackle for sale, please click here


To view Hardy tackle for sale, please click here}

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