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Guest Finepix

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the attachment is the photo ,just make it a jpeg ,stick it on your desktop ,click browse and find it in the box that opens ,click the photo then click "add this attachment" as you can see you have limited space so make it small another box will open with you attachement in it with the option of adding to post ,click it and bobs your relation

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There is now a list of hosting sites here http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=56527


Let us know if you find or have found another one.

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. - Ansel Adams


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Guest Finepix

:angry: It's not working guys!! (see photo of the day), what am I doing wrong!!

I followed Chesters destructions, haven't found a host yet.


I probably hadn't explained myself thoroughly, but I want to post a full image (like everybody else seems to be able to do) rather than clicking on the attachment to view the larger image.


Please bear with me, I'm obviously having a dizzy moment. Thanks for all help.



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When you upload an image here it becomes a "dynamic image" and cannot be used within the tags. You need to actually post a link to a photo inside the img tags something like this




I have added an extra "i" in each bracket so you can see it (if I did not do that it would try to show an image, and you would not see it) so to make these brackets work remove an "i" from each bracket in the example above.


Alternatively you can click on the little tree button just above where you are typing out your post and a box will open where you insert the url http://www.finepix.jpg.


Another option is to sign up for a free account here http://imageshack.us/ yoou can host approx 10 pictures there and the beauty of it is that the site itself will give you the link to post here..just copy and paste the link that starts with in your post.


Have a go and I'll clean up if you make any mistakes, you'l be okay once you have posted one.

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. - Ansel Adams


Focal Planet

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i use bucket as lid even supplies copy and paste links to url/html saves having to think just copy and paste into reply pad and your away



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