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I'm looking for any advice on setting up a toilet at a lake because I bet there are all sorts of laws we have to follow. Something like a building site toilet. The question is how to get rid of the you know what?

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Yes ours is in the little car park and emptied every fortnight ,had it been a carp water far more frequently i bet ,makes a change not stepping in human crap one step off the path but theres still people to lazy to make the attempt to get there and poop in the slightest bit of cover .i keep a bucket behind ours if its a bit busy i chuck some water from the pond in to keep it pleasant to look at .when we first got it i used to double sided sticky tape a pack of wipes for the ladies but some bastard kept pinching them so as it was out of my pocket i stopped ,someone is bleeding nicking the pushpins i bought to hold up the match signs why are some so low as to pinch from their fellow anglers!

I would think in the 21st century most clubs would have toilets as a norm

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but remember most of these porta loos are for the use of 10 people working a 5 day week and should be emptied every 5 days or more often if used by more than 10 people per day

hope this helps you can also buy them the just have a contractor empty them check your local area for this type of service and always ask about discount good luck

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