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Barbel introduced to Loch Lomond

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The netting has been incredibley effective but obviously some cats remain.We stopped our guiding buisness as the netting had removed so many fish it reduced the amount caught to levels where it was unreasonable to expect anglers to pay our prices! No matter how much you can learn from a guide it is still fish on the bank that really counts for most.


Still worth a go if you fancy it.The nets have now been lifted due to the few they are now producing not warrenting the effort.The remaining cats may benifit from the greater amount of food/less competition but it wasnt as though there was really a shortage of food before.That said though it will be a lot harder to get a few fish now and I personally would be far happier reccomending people to travel that bit further.Ebro for ease of catching some good fish and the Petit Rhone for sitting it out for a real biggie.I still think a 200+ Saone fish unlikely.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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Interesting thread - i thought it was widely accepted that fish species are spread beyond their natural areas by birds and flooding.


I wouldn't of thought anyone would have introduced barbel - don't they fight better in a river anyway ?


any coarse-fish farms near the system ? perhaps they are escapees as they would have come from the river somewhere surely ?



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What are the best areas to fish for them?


KirkyJim the post your referring to is 8 years old, Barbel are well established in the Clyde & Loch Lomond system, due to some idiots messing with nature!

As for fishing for them its just a case of getting your walking shoes on and getting out there & asking questions, I was up visiting family in Balloch at the weekend and did just that and bumped into no fewer than 11 anglers all fishing for different species on the river & the Loch, not many of the lads who posted in the original topic are from the area, so doubt they could be of help to you.

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