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Mysearchdial toolbar removal.

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I think Mysearchdial came with a codec pack I downloaded. I've tried everything I can to get rid of it.


In Manage Addons, right click, no option to delete it.


Control Panel, Programs and Features, it does not show here.


Revo uninstaller, it does not show here.


Internet Properties, Advanced tab, Reset Internet Explorer to default, Mysearchdial became my home page.


I can't find any reference to the program in C:\ Program files or Program files x86.


Any idea's where else to look or how to find it and remove it?


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Cheers Ayjay, I've been through everything that I found on Google, still no joy. I do now have it disabled in Manage Addons but when I right click the option to remove it that is greyed out and unavailable. Right now it's not causing a problem (I think) but I want it gone as it's like an itch I can't scratch.


I've down loaded and run Malwarebytes Anti Rootkit and Adware cleaner, there must be a way. I don't really want to do a complete clean Windows reinstall as I only did so a couple of months since.

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oh dear...it can be a pesky one.

download this little lot first:





install CCleaner and Malwarebytes; copy the BAT file to your desktop.



restart in SAFE MODE

run the BAT file.

it might suggest you need to run as administrator. in which case RIGHT CLICK and choose run as administrator.

follow on screen prompts.

at the end you will have a choice to rest homepage click YES

and reset desktop which is your choice...but I usually say NO.

DONT press Y to restart, just minimise the window for now.


Run malwarebytes and choose quick scan. remove anything found but don't restart if given the choice.

Run CCleaner

run cleaner part of app and remove all file.

run registry part of app and fix all suggested errors.


open CONTROL PANEL and head to add remove programs (or relevant for your windows version) if the entry for mysearchdial doesn't exist it might be called MagicPic or Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Chrome. if its there run the uninstaller.



in internet explorer:

goto tools>internet options>advanced


click RESET tick all the boxes and click OK.


now restart and keep your fingers crossed! :)


and to tell your actually doing: Roguefix will scan registry, temp and BHO files for malware items and remove them; it will then apply default network values to various registry keys that might have been changed.

Malwarebytes will do a deeper search for program files etc that are known malware and remove them.

Ccleaner will remove internet temp files, and will then fix invalid registry keys for removed software etc


the final stages are a factory reset of internet explorer settings; essentially disabling all BHO toolbars, resetting search engine providers and resetting all user based switches and choices.

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Cheers Kirisute I'll run them tomorrow, hopefully Dropboxus will find it as Malwarebytes couldn't even in Safe mode.

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Ok, followed your instructions to the letter, Roguefix found a couple of things, MBytes was clean, ran CC, there are no Programs listed in programs and Features that I don't recognise. Rest IE.


In Manage Add-ons > Search Providers the only entry was for MySearchDial which was greyed out and I couldn't remove it.


When I next opened IE I chose to add Google as my homepage, that then gave me the option to remove MySearchDial from the list of search providers.


I have now set my homepage in Internet options to http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=0 this stops Google using Auto complete, another little thing that gets on my wick.


Thanks for the help Kirisute, it's great to have someone with your knowledge handing out good advice.

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