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Hi guys

I'm going the zante/ zakynthos on the 28 th July and staying for 10 days. I love to fish and was just wondering what every thing I need to catch fish out there, so what bait, best rigs, best place, hook jigs, best lures etc also what kind of fish might I catch out there ?

Thanks a bunch


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Hi and welcome to Anglers' Net. From the lack of replies I would guess that none of our members know the fishery but I'll move this to the Sea Fishing section where it will get more looks.

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Its one of the Ionian Islands (Greece)


Have never been there, but if I were going I would pack a light spinning rod and reel and use it for both spinning and casting light sea tackle. Think sea bream, and smaller predators (barracuda family, bass etc)


Try from rocks, try sandy bays close to rocks, don't forget a few sets of shrimp rigs - baited shrimp rigs will catch a huge range of species.


Good luck

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I just got back from two weeks there, We didn't fish but we rented a private boat twice for a day from Keri harbour from Big Blue Motor Boat rentals (ask for George). I highly recommend doing this although it can get a bit busy as he alone rents out 20 boats and there are many other firms doing the same.


We saw 7 turtles on our second trip and here's plenty of opportunity to fish. I will post some photos later.

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