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At a Carp water I fished the other day, the Carp were very active, sending up clouds of bubbles every where, but completely pre-occupied with Blood worm, it drove me mad !!


I tried everything I had with me, big and small boilies, pellets of all sizes, plastic artificial baits and some dead maggots, but I could not induce a take.


Have other Carp anglers had this problem and if so how did they cope with the problem ?



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Phone, I was thinking of Anderoo's experiment catching tench on a bit of twig - that if you can get them hoovering over your bait, anything with the right buoyancy should get sucked in. You can actually buy bloodworm for bait in the UK. Jokers are small ones for loose feed, so I was thinking a big pva sausage full of them and a neutral buoyancy bait sat in the middle. Never heard of anyone trying this with bloodworm.

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