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The smell of simmering hemp.


Suddenly I'm 14 years old again!!


(Good job that Brenda's out at work!)


Good timing Leon - I'm doing that tonight with my girlfriend in the house ( :o ) - she also doesn't know there's a pint and a half of maggots in the coat cupboard... as for the halibut pellets, well, the least said the better :headhurt:

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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Right, I'm off - see those of you who are coming over the weekend!


(If you see a bivvie rolling across the lake, give me a shout - it'll be mine :D )


Good luck everyone; thanks again Steve.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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I've just been told there's some major roadworks on the M25 at the junction with the A10, so it might be a good idea to avoid it if you were thinking of going that way.

I'm leaving early tomorrow so see you all there.



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All the gear is packed into the van, all the bait is made if i have forgot anything its to late now :headhurt: .

This time tomorrow ill be tucked away in my bivvie after sampling some of Winghams pleasures and hopefully i will have had a few bites.

Whilst i am there i will try to teach them newts how to speak proper english :D:D like what we do.


suppose ill have to get to bed soon as we are off at 04:45

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Regards Paul Mc
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Supose I best go and get some gear soerted out....................


The bro is down all ready and I suppose we wont bust a gut getting over so see you all some time tommorow.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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I am sitting in my bivvy in Wingam as i write this and what a lovely place wingham is. It has just started raining for the first time today, it was actually quite nice today when the bbq was on(which was verry nice by the way :) ), upto now i belive there has been a couple of tench and perch caught today and my bro has just put back a 10.5lb pike which he caught on boillie :huh: the pike have been chasing his spod in everytime he brings it in.

Anyway thats enough from me i have got fish to try and catch :D

Regards Paul Mc
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Got up at 5am and arrived at 6:30am yesterday to try and grab some of the early tench feeding.


No notice in the club house telling which swim we were to fish :(


(Steve had taken it home for revision due to the fierce wind)


Steve was due on site at 8-8:30am


Went to wake up Elton and Wordbender on the carp lake.


Both were already awake, and Elton played host with a welcome hot mug of coffee.


Wordbender moaned about the nasty looking damage to his hand caused by his assistance in unhooking a pike that Elton had caught on boilies! (It was quite a deep cut).


He also looked very tired, staying awake worrying about the tree behind Elton's bivvie, threatening to crash down and bring Anglersnet to a premature end (a big branch had cracked halfway through, another had fallen but lodged in lower branches).


(Elton also contributed to Tel's lack of sleep by firing boilies at his bivvy with his catapult).


Elton had another pike to boilie whilst he was there, which I 'chinned' for him, rather than than letting it have a thrash about in the landing net and someone getting gill-raked again.


Mind you, as I waded, my foot slipped, bringing back saturatingly damp memories of a previous time I was involved in unhooking one of Elton's pike!


Steve finally arrived on site at 9am, along with Newt, and stuck me in the windiest swim in the lack (well the windiest survivable swim).


Exposed to the wind's full reach of the lake, waves were overlapping the bank, but I was at least sheltered by a bush and my ancient brolly.


With bite indication somewhat difficult, I marvelled at how my lobs managed to get off the hook by-passing the 2-3 maggots that were meant to keep them on.


It was a relief to get back to the club house for Peggy's wonderful BBQ, and to meet Jan and a chance to enjoy the company of eveyone else.


Back to the swim, and I was finding it hard to stay awake with feeders out on both rods.


So I decided that it would be more interesting to accept the challenge of the wind and change to a float.


At my end of the lake the flow was down-wind, although I knew that Den had been trotting the undertow in the other direction further upwind.


The trees and the wind combined to make recasting something of an adventure.


I was just getting that 'doom feeling' when the float disappeared and a smallish perch fought bravely to the net.


But then no more action, as my joints stiffened and the cold managed to blow through my clothing, and I decided to quite a couple of hours earlier than I intended.


Ferret, looking very well, and his lovely lady-love turned up in the afternoon.


Woke this morning stil feeling tired, now waiting for Brenda to come home with the car for another attempt this afternoon/evening (Hope Peggy remembers to save me some BBQ)


Too tired to unpack the car last night, I emptied it of fishing gear for Brenda this morning, only to discover that the maggots that were mixed into the groundbait, weren't.


Not any longer.


Crawling happily around in the boot!!


(I might have some explaining to do in a few weeks - you always think that you have got them all, but rarely have!)

RNLI Shoreline Member

Member of the Angling Trust

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