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Wingham Catch Report

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Excellent thread. Nice to see pbs as well. :) Pleased you got into the fish Jan and Newt.Lets hope the weather gods smile on us at Amble next Sunday. I have ordered the bait for all 10 of us,we will each have ragworm and lugworm. Our skipper suggested bringing bait as the water is a bit coloured and lures/pirks may struggle to find fish.


See you on Sunday for the "cod bashing" trip :) I hope that mobile phone I sent down was ok for you Jan



Fishing digs on the Mull of Galloway - recommend





Me when I had hair



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See you on Sunday for the "cod bashing" trip :) I hope that mobile phone I sent down was ok for you Jan
You will see us Sunday for sure ( and looking forward to Saturday evening for a time in the pub) and the phone is working perfectly.




Jan did run short on minutes from calling the US after her pike catch but .....




:D :D

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First of all thanks to Steve and the ballifs for allowing us and helping us to fish and thanks to Peggy for the BBq's.

The weekend will stay with me for a verry long time :). Here are a few pics i took from the weekend.


Looking down the length of the of the lake from peg 16(my peg)




My Pike which was caught on worm



Chris Mc's pike caught on boillie :huh:




Chris Mc's PB 8lb 2 oz Tench



Thanks to all who went we had a great weekend

Regards Paul Mc
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Chesters and Peggy..perhaps Jan was referring to the good company she had with her on her "wonderful day in Canterbury" :)


Jan, I have your Sixpenny piece....



if you re-read my last line Den i'm sure she was


we went in in 2001 managed to park in a solicitors firms garden (with permission) on the honda a 100 yards from the cathedral ,we tried to do it the correct way by using an outside of town car park in a superstore but the bike wasent heavy enough to open the gate (yup even with the 2 grangers onboard) and without the ticket that popped out was refused permission to get on the bus to town :angry: so we went american dodging in those quaint (and expensive) sidestreets untill we parked :schmoll:

never again its a crap hole and should be bulldosed and real shops erected :headhurt:

some place it seems to be another hippy infested town selling expensive bits of tat made out of string and cardboard ,surely even americans dont get caught by that old rubbish ;)

the best town is aldershot ,full of foreigners so you keep your hand on your wallet and no shops to get it out for anyway and all in a square unlike dammed canterbury where streets go in all directions and you have to walk back to the begenning to go up another one :rolleyes:

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Hi John, how you getting on with the reel..


I was standing behind Newt when the pike slashed at his lure and missed, so I was ready and prefocussed with finger on the button when it came up again on the next cast...right moment...right guy behind the camera :) :)



Edited by poledark

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Guest Brumagem Phil

Canterbury is a great place........in fact I reckon we should dump all our unused cathedrals there :)


Looks like it was a good weekend by all accounts.........I'm envious of the tench as i've never caught one, not even a tiny one!


Glad to hear newt and jan are enjoying themselves too :)

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Only managed the Sunday and had another P.B from Wigham peg seven: My best ever blank!!

Thanks to Steve,Peggy, Terry and all those smiling faces, Fabulous!! Can`t wait to see the photo`s.

Do we have a date for next year yet Steve? ;)

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Do we have a date for next year yet Steve? ;)


Yep, in my signature below.

Wingham Specimen Coarse & Carp Syndicates www.winghamfisheries.co.uk Beautiful, peaceful, little fished gravel pit syndicates in Kent with very big fish. 2017 Forum Fish-In Sat May 6 to Mon May 8. Articles http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/steveburke.htm Index of all my articles on Angler's Net

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