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I have a pair of Fire Eels in my tank - what other eels are good fun to keep?



whats a fire eel CF ? sounds good.


i had a silver eel in my pond overnight, i'd caught it late in the evening & planned to have him for sunday lunch, but then the kids found him, named him eric & returned him to the harbour. :(

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Had a gorgeous zebra moray eel in my reef tank. Stupidly tame, would take a frozen prawn from my fingers with extreme gentleness and take it into his cave and have a fight with it.....occasionally the eel would win :lol:


Zebra morays have "crushing" teeth which are like football boot studs whereas other morays have sharp teeth.


Here's a pic of the beast which measured about 24" long when i got rid of the tank.


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There are quite a few Eels in the same family as the Fire Eel, have a look at the Tyre Track as well, same conditions, and do just the same and bury themselves under the gravel. Didn`t see one for months and thought it had died when it appeared on night fit and healthy.


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