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What facilities is there at your local charter pontoon ?

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In Poole there are no facilities at all, well apart from a small kiosk that sells odds and sods of tackle, although there is a handy car park dead opposite that only charges £4 all day. There is a cafe that opens early for the anglers but thats at the other end of the quay.



No Luck This Time..............Roll On Next Time

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Weymouth - no toilets nearby, car parking a nightmare in summer, pontoon boarding


There are at least 3 sets of public toilets on the harbour side at Weymouth. All within a few seconds walk!! :headhurt:


Knowing my luck if I were a buddhist I'd come back as myself ...

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There are at least 3 sets of public toilets on the harbour side at Weymouth. All within a few seconds walk!! :headhurt:


Plus `The Sailors Return` does an early breakfast for anglers! But that`s at least 20yds from the middle of the charter fleet. :wallbash:

We don`t use J`s anymore!!

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We have toilets, showers, water and elactricity on every berth, car parks and a shed come office for every commercial berth holder.

This all sounds great but it works out at €140 per week or approx £90, and we have to pay three years in advance in one lump.

Good job theres lots of sunshine!!!!!!!

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How to win an argument


In the past an argument would be won by logical and accurate facts being put forward, lengthy discussion and debate, And a willingness for compromise on all sides.

In this modern age the way seems to be far removed from this. Governments around the world impose there way on who ever they want and when ever they want. President Bush and Premier Blair on Iraq, Israel on the Lebanon, Scarborough on Whitby !!!!

There has smouldered sometimes and raged on others, arguments over various issues within Whitby. The main one in recent times being the marina and its commercial premises. The reason given for business premises has been give as a method of financing the extra maintenance of the marina.

With revenues of around £890,000 in the year 2005/2006 I wonder why we need more revenue. But the powers that be have decreed it, so it will be.

The latest argument has come from Whitby’s Harbour users group and the Whitby Charter boats. The debate centres around the closure of the toilet block on Church Street and whether they will be reopened. Scarborough Council have ended the argument in their own way without the need for further debate.







When can we expect the tanks to come rumbling down Downdinner Hill?



So there you have it

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would it not be an idea for the charter skippers to ask the council for a key for the toilets


then open them for the anglers early and before they sail lock them again job done


or is this to compilicated for council/skippers

:clap2: Thanks seems far too sensible, get that man out of here. Seriously, that seems to be the ideal solution to the problem, pass it on to the council for their consideration. :clap2:

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Hi Norman. If you read slacklines post it appears there is now nothing to open. The toilets are no more. Ive seen this type of action before around these parts. There once stood a pub on Larpool in Whitby with years of history. The old Labour club or fairmead as it was known. Then a housing association buys it. Going to knock it down and build houses. Objections fly in left right and centre. Talk of it being a listed building and stuff - no way can they demolish it. Then before anyone can do anything about it the thing dissapears.


When they are gone they are gone and suddenly people stop complaining because they know the battle is lost. Slowly but surely our town is becoming something the real locals don't even recognise anymore and it seems those that belong here are powerless to stop it.

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