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Ali MacDonald

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I have been using the basic plastic disgorgers which if no probs where the hook is are fine. However, I have had a few that have been a struggle to get the hook off as the disgorger bends and eventually snaps under the strain. Has anyone got any ideas about a better one if it exists ??


Ali :huh:

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never broke a disgorger you must be using it wrong <_<

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for small hooks I use a metal barrel disgorger, for larger hooks (size 12 and above) I use a small pair of forcepts to get a decent grip on the hook.


With a barrel disgorger make sure you slide the slot down the line untill it is right on the bend of the hook, and hold the line tight.


But you shouldn't be breaking disgorgers! a steady firm push on the hook, back out the same way as it went in should be all thats needed.




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Thanks for the advice - any ideas of what forceps to get for small and large hooks ?




Get a pair of six inch forceps (preferably from a friendly nurse!) unless you are pike fishing when bigger ones sometimes come in handy.

If you are using a slotted type disgorger, make sure the slot is on the correct side depending on whether you are left or right handed. As far as I know the metal ones are always correct for a right hander but I once got a plastic one as a freeby and it took me ages to realize why I just couldn't use the damned thing! I then realized why left hookers get so upset by things like scissors!


My idea of the right way is: If the disgorger is in your right hand with the "cutaway" facing you, the slot should be at the top.

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This thread has brought back memories of Alan, almost expecting him to reply. :sun:


Thats just what i thought when i saw the topic title!!!!!!!! :sun:


wonder how many people are using his disgorgers..mine was stolen...


I use a nice 4 inch pair of curved artery forceps...... work well on even little fish...ans the Slamo plastic one






AKA Nurse Jugsy ( especially for newt)

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You can get vetinary forceps which are about 6" long, but only have a tiny 'opening/closing' part at the very end at a 45 degree angle to the arms themselves which are very good for smaller fish - I think they are some kind of biopsy forcep, but we got a couple of very low profile pairs from somewhere and they were handy tools to have!


A rough picture (not exactly right but you'll get the idea) at the link below



Ian W


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