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Ali MacDonald

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just getting off the thread here i was told that alloy disgorgers can damage fine monos unlike the plastic version don't know how true this is though, always used plastic :P

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Can you buy fine forceps in a chemist?


A problem I recently had was: I was fishing for roach on maggot with the possibility of barbel, so I had a ringed 14 hook to 6lb line. The barrel disgorger wouldn't slide past the ring on the hook, but the fish's mouth was too small for my forceps.

john clarke

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The barrel disgorger wouldn't slide past the ring on the hook, but the fish's mouth was too small for my forceps.


I use the Drennan plastic disgorgers in the two larger sizes(see pic), the smaller one should accept a 14s hook but if you have both one of them will fit.


I carry both sizes in all my tackle bags and generally have them in my waistcoat as well, forceps are always clipped to waistcoat and are useful for many other things as well as removing hooks.


Without trying to be too PC, it is up to the angler to be properly equipped to unhook any fish they catch. .



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Ajay is right you should carry the right tools for the job.I have a selection of disgorgers as shown and for larger fish forceps.For some situations long nosed pliers are better but as always its using the right tool for the job.


Ali dont give up on the plastic disgorger as for many situations it is the ONLY tool.Get some one to show you how to use it if your having problems.It isnt hard if your shown.


As for all those who reccomend just forceps then you must all be far better anglers than me and never catch any small fish!

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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Thanks for all the replies, will go out looking for some forceps either 4" or 6" or both ? :)


How amny pairs do you want Ali??? :)

Chris Goddard

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Why aren't you using a "Slammo" disgorger? It fits over your line easily, slides straight into the fishes mouth, a quick push when it reaches the hook and it's out! I have NEVER had a problem with it!!



fishing is nature's medical prescription

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Was just about to add a reply about the Slammo style disgorgers but Kleinboet got there first (though I suppose I could just delete his post - call it a perk of the job :bleh:;) ).


The standard type are okay, but the Slammo ones are just so much better at the job. Imagine something the approximate shape of the eye of a needle, but with the tip somewhat concave and with a slit on one side. You just slip the line into the slit and (whilst keeping light pressure on the line) slide the disgorger down. If the hook doesn't catch on the tip, it will catch on the 'base' of the eye. Ease down a bit further until the hook is removed then slowly withdraw. The pressure on the line will keep the point of the hook held against the disgorger, thus preventing accidental rehooking.


The only other disgorgers I use are ones that were sold by Alan (a well-respected member of this forum, now sadly gone :( ).


Oh, and forceps of course....

John S

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