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Ali MacDonald

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Guest Rabbit
My girlfriend says my new white Slammo looks like a home pregnacy test and wants to know which one of you I've got up the duff.

What should I tell her ?

Tell her (by your own admission) that you are not allowed out enough to partake in such acts of betrayal.


BTW does rarepleasure refer to your angling moments or the other, err you know :kissing:

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So you don't need the pair of Slamos I bought today ?




Oh Gawd she just read that over my shoulder, now she wants to know who this nurse is thats buying me home pregnancy tests.



I'll have to go and hide on the bank :clap2:



PS no I still need the Slammos now more than ever



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Perhaps you should tell her I'm a real nurse and that I do home visits!!!!!

Slamo's should be on there way tomorrow :rolleyes::rolleyes:



AKA Nurse Jugsy ( especially for newt)

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Used my new Slamo yesterday, Brilliant bit of kit, had a smashing day including 2 nice Tench about 5lb.


The Slamo is certainly easy to use.



I must be doing something right, I'm still alive

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