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I want to start looking for a new general purpose float rod. I've had my trusty 13' float rod for 15 years now and although it's served me well, i'm now fishing in a pond that contain carp up to 12lb....and they're very hard fighting fish for some reason.


I caught a small carp yesterday....about 4lb and it took 15minutes to land. Great sport i know but the rod was bent double and i felt it had no more to offer if the fish had been bigger/stronger.....in other words, i didn't feel terrible confident.


So i want to have a look around for something better. I can't afford to break the bank....maybe £50 to £70. It's got to be able to handle carp to 10lb ish but also catch roach, perch and rudd etc.


Any suggestions would be very welcome.



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Andy, I have a Ron Thompson Power Float Match Rod, £25.00, brillient. Well worth considering.


I know what you mean about older style rods not being up to it. I have a Shakespeare Borron Match that is so sensitive, ideal for roach, but anything over a couple of pounds and things get hairy!

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