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Question to the forum: Carp Tips?

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Hi all,


Can anybody help with this visitors question to the forum?


The Visitor has been directed to this thread so could any answers / help be posted below. Cheers, Julian.




Hi anglers,


I’m Mark (15) and I’m looking for carp tips. I’d like to find out the best ways to fish a pool with a reedy bed I’ve tried popping up a boilie but it does not seem to work?


Thanks, Mark Jones



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I think it's a little simplistic to say pop up didn't work. How long did you fish for ? Did you actually fish to carp or did you just fish any spot ?


The secret is to find the fish or better still find where they will feed. If fish are in the swim then try freelining a single bait to them (boilie, sweetcorn, maggots, lobworm etc). If you fish a bit further out or fish aren't in the swim then put in a bit of bait and fish over that. I prefer fishing over some hemp in the margins or wherever and put put in some crumbled boilies in with it or a small catapult pouchful - no more than a dozen baits is my preference.


I have never fished a water where pop ups don't work, but I prefer bottom baits.


The carp should cruise around the reeds but you need to find out exactly where so watch them as much as you can.



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Adding to Robs reply.


Another way of tackling weedy waters is to use rig foam. The buoyancy of the foam allows a relatively light bait to gently fall through the water and settle on top of the weed.

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There is one way I can recomend, use a pva bag, a helicopter rig, put some foam in the bag this will show you when the bag has melted plus help the bag to settle lightly. Or use pva string to make a horse shoe shape with the boilies on the string, here to put some foam on the string and the hook link, remember to leave a little space between the boilies so the sting can melt.



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